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The Last Table You’ll Need to Buy, The Transformer Table

Don’t you hate it when people come over and the table you have is too small? Everyone has to crowd around it and squeeze into place. The food is overflowing and there’s barely room for any glasses. Sure, there are expandable tables out there but none of them expands all that much. That’s where the Transformer Table comes into play.

Family Gathering The Transformer Table

The Transformer Table is truly remarkable, it can expand from just a small console to a full-blown 12-seater banquet table. So when you’re short on space, it gives you total flexibility to live life how you want it. Using individual panels you can adjust it to any size between 1 person and 12.

Quality is front and centre with the materials in use. Solid hardwood is used throughout the construction giving the table a very sturdy feel no matter how much it is extended. The extension mechanism can hold up to 750lbs/340kg at maximum extension, so even with a few people sitting on it, it will hold up. All of this is backed by a lifetime warranty ensuring peace of mind.

The Transformer Table
  • High Quality Materials mean the table will last decades without failing
  • Ingenious design goes from one seat to 12 within seconds
  • Adaptable to your needs – store it as a console table in your entryway, and bring it out for larger gatherings when short on space
  • Lifetime warranty on the telescopic mechanism gives you peace of mind
  • 100% hardwood used throughout – not something you normally see on expandable tables

You can see now why this could just be the last table you will ever buy. When you can have it adapt from a one-seater console table, all the way up to 12 seats, why would you ever need anything else? Five different stain options let you pick the perfect finish to match your interior. Solid wood construction means it will last decades and can be re-stained over and over again unlike cheaper alternatives.

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Written by Mark Greene

Mark Greene is writer and life coach dedicated to helping men to perform at peak level. He shares dating advice, style tips and strategies for building wealth and success.