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You Love Your Puffer Jacket, Now Fall In Love With a Puffer Blanket. So Warm, So Versatile

Anyone who comes from a cold climate will know the warm embrace of a puffer jacket. It envelops you in its insulated material and keeps you cozy, even when it’s snowing outside. For those of us who have gone camping, the sleeping bags used to sleep in are often made of similar materials, albeit often a different type of lining. Well, now the puffer jacket is making its way into your home blanket style.

Nomadix Puffer Blanket

The Puffer Blanket is the most versatile option for any activity. If you’re cuddled up on the couch watching movies, the blanket will keep you nice and toasty. Working from home? The Puffer Blanket has you covered, with just a few quick snaps you can wear it as a cloak and keep warm throughout the day.

You can take it on picnics and stargazing trips, it’s perfect to lie down on. And if it gets too cold, well, the blanket can transform into a makeshift sleeping bag. Just snap all of the sides and it turns into a little burrito for you to snuggle into.

Most Versatile Puffer Blanket For Any Activity
  • Sand & Water Resistant to give maximum versatility of use
  • Packs down to 14” x 6” for easy storage and packing on trips
  • Rated for temps as low as 50F
  • Weighs a mere 32oz, but acts as both cloak, blanket and sleeping bag

The Puffer Blanket is also eco-friendly. 100% post-consumer recycled polyester is used for the outer layer, and recycled polyester fills the inside. It’s durable and made to be resistant to sand and water, allowing for outdoor use. It backs down to 14” x 6” for easy storage and is perfect for trips to the park, beach, desert, or wherever life takes you.

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Written by Mark Greene

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