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4 Awesome Bachelor Party Ideas

Planning a bachelor party isn’t always an easy task. If you’re the best man then obviously you want to put something together that the groom-to-be absolutely loves, and that he remembers for a lifetime. A bachelor party at its core is meant to be an opportunity for the groom to relax with all his best buddies, and have that big last “hurrah” before the wedding. 

So, rather than the typical Las Vegas bachelor party, what else can you do? Not to worry, we’ve got a handful of awesome bachelor party ideas.

Bachelor Party Ideas

Pub or Bar Crawl

Rather than picking just one bar to hang out at for the evening, why not put together the ultimate bar or pub crawl? This gives everyone a chance to check out different venues, change up the scenery, and keep things exciting all night long.

If the bars and pubs aren’t within walking distance of one another, your best bet is to rent a party bus or limo that can transport you to each spot. There are even services that arrange the crawl, getting you on guest lists so you bypass lines, reserving VIP seating, and making sure everything goes off smoothly.

A Round of Paintball

Here’s another option for a memorable bachelor party. Paintball parks make for a great bachelor party and are a more active style of party wherein everyone’s taking part in a high-energy activity rather than sitting around. This is perfect for the guys who love competition and adventure, as you’ll find plenty of that in a round of paintball. For the ultimate experience be sure to look for a park that lets you set up a private party, this gives you and guests a chance to enjoy the whole park to yourselves.

Book a Party Boat

For those who live near a lake or another large body of water, you may want to look into a party boat tour or rental. These are great options for parties of all types and sizes. Just make sure that the party boat tour you’re eyeing is able to accommodate your guest list.

It would be wonderful to consider how to keep your friends entertained while out on the water in addition to renting a party boat. Incorporating inflatable water slides, floating islands, or just a thematic inflatable based on the party’s theme would be one of the greatest options for these kinds of gatherings. These custom blow-up inflatables can keep your guests entertained and having fun for hours, making your celebration one to remember. To keep everyone busy and interested, you might also want to think about bringing some water toys, such as paddleboards, kayaks, or water pistols. Your party boat experience will be a hit with all of your guests if you prepare ahead of time and include these enjoyable activities.

Typically, these boats don’t cruise around. They head out into the water and drop anchor, and everyone can enjoy a day at sea while partying. You’ll want to check in advance what’s included in the pricing such as drinks, snacks, and décor. These boat rentals will also range in duration, so you’ll have to think what seems like a reasonable amount of time to be out on the water.

Organize a Round of Golf

For the more “chill” groom in the bunch, who may not be into partying, why not book a round of golf for the entire bachelor party? You can make it a tournament style outing, breaking people up into pairs or foursomes on the course. If you pick a course with an on-site restaurant, you can arrange for a meal and prizes after the golfing wraps up.

Fun and Memorable Party Ideas

Each of these ideas are guaranteed to ensure a memorable and fun bachelor party, not just for the groom but for everyone there.

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Written by Mark Greene

Mark Greene is writer and life coach dedicated to helping men to perform at peak level. He shares dating advice, style tips and strategies for building wealth and success.