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5 Tips to Help You Choose the Right Bong for You

Bongs have gained a lot of attention from serious connoisseurs of cannabis due to their perfect delivery of water filtered and cool smoke. One of the many reasons why bongs are so beloved is that they can get you much higher and much quicker as opposed to other alternatives.

Not stopping there, bong designers don’t acknowledge any creative boundaries and the styles they create don’t seem to stop. One can’t help but be in awe of the various designs, but when it comes to picking out a bong for personal use, the options become dilemmas. 

When settling on a bong, one must take into account many factors, the material, the percolation method, and the right size for the perfect hit. Bongs offer the most versatility and probably the best high. If you are looking to expand your weed accessory inventory, we are here to help you out.

Read below as we try to help you on your bong-picking quest.


Pick the right size

Bongs, as we know them today, have changed drastically from their initial versions. Nowadays, you can find pocket bongs and bongs that are larger than a table. If you are a person that constantly travels but enjoys a good bong hit, opt for a bong that’s around 8  inches. Smaller bogs are a great fit if you find yourself strapped for cash at the moment as they are significantly cheaper than the normal-sized ones.

Experienced smokers will always go for the larger and taller bongs. The taller bongs offer maximum smoke and a perfect hit. The increase in distance covered by the smoke provides for cooler smoke and extra gunk filtration. 

The material

If you are afraid that your glass bong will shatter into millions of pieces, you might want to cut ties with glass from the start. Ceramic is one of the most durable bong materials and gets the job done. On the other hand, materials like acrylic are the perfect example of you get what you pay for. Yes, they are durable, but if you know your way around bongs and cannabis, you’ll notice that they don’t even provide a proper hit.

Type of percolation

For a smoother use, you want a bong with proper percolators that will filter all the gunk and deliver cool smoke to your lungs. The general rule is to look for bongs with fewer percolators. Some bongs have a large number of percolators and that makes for a hard drag. Percolators are indispensable and there’s no right or wrong one, what matters is that the bong has a percolator. 

These are the two most popular bong percolators: 

  1. Honeycomb – great filtration and minimal drag.
  2. Diffuser downstem – one of the most popular choices among weed connaisseurs when it comes to percolation. The diffuser percolates and removes all the harshness and impurities, allowing you to enjoy in cool, clean, and rich toke of your favorite dry herb.

Elevate your experience through art

As of late, weed accessories have become art pieces. Adding a personal touch to your bong can elevate your weed experience significantly. If you are a big fan of a certain art movement, you can opt for bongs that will satisfy your art cravings. Etchings and different art styles are available not just shapes.

Bongs come in various shapes, some are in a zig-zag style and some even come in a hexagon shape. The shape chosen will also affect the cleaning process.

man using bong


Necessary care is an absolute must for bongs. The main chambers will get filled up with tar and resin over time and as a result, your smoking experience might be hindered. As mentioned previously, the shape can largely influence the cleaning process. In addition to that, more percolators means more filtration but it also means a harder cleaning process. If you are looking to minimize the time spent soaking your bong in salt, look for add-ons for your bong like ash catchers that trap ash and debris so that your cleaning process is streamlined.

Final Thoughts

With the legalisation of cannabis in many states for recreational use, bongs are gaining serious traction. Bongs offer a great experience for new and experienced tokers. Look through our list of tips and pick the right bong so that you elevate your weed-smoking experience.

Written by Mark Greene

Mark Greene is writer and life coach dedicated to helping men to perform at peak level. He shares dating advice, style tips and strategies for building wealth and success.