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10 High-Paying Professions

High Paying Job

Top manager

Efficient managers are always valuable for employers: their financial results and the success of the firm largely depend on them. Owners of enterprises think that hiring top managers is a profitable investment and pay them huge salaries (which, by the way, are usually more than repaid).

Statistics show that the directors of large credit organizations or transnational companies earn one or two million dollars annually (and the upper limit of their salaries is several tens of millions).

The requirements for representatives of this highly paid profession – both men and women – are also high:

  • Many years of leadership experience.
  • Expressed leadership skills, ability to set goals, take responsibility for their decisions, manage a team.
  • Expert knowledge in their industry.
  • Knowledge of foreign languages, analytical mind.

For some managers, the path to such a position takes a lifetime. Their work is not simple and easy: large bosses often work years without vacations, solve working issues on weekends and holidays, stay in the office until late at night (which can not but leave an imprint on family life).

Programmers and Other IT Professionals

IT professions are relatively new to the labor market, but many of them are very well-paid. IT professionals make good money and get a lot of other benefits from their profession.

Every year there are more and more coders, testers, designers, SEO-optimizers, DevOps, and other IT specialists (and the market desperately needs them).  

In this field, you can work remotely and not be tied to the office, choose a convenient schedule. Therefore, more and more young people choose information technology as a profession.

Young IT specialists with the appropriate degree are successfully employed because various work processes are more and more automated. That is, an IT specialist will always be able to get an average market salary. But to reach a higher income, you need special abilities and advanced skills.


Representatives of this highly paid profession are in every large firm and perform the following functions:

  • Analyze the market situation;
  • make offers to customers;
  • develop advertising campaigns;
  • develop brands.

The marketer must clearly understand the target audience for which the product or service offered by the company is intended and how to increase sales.

Marketers remained in demand even during the economic crisis, and their salaries have not fallen (although it should be said that there has not been much of an increase in income in this area).

Oil and gas production specialists

 Employers have to financially compensate for the harsh weather conditions and shift work schedules. Not everyone is ready to work in such conditions.

In Canada and the United States, these professions are among the highest paid, and Russian production companies have to match this level of wages as well.


These professions are consistently on the list of high-paying professions. Lawyers’ fees are in the millions.

A lawyer’s salary depends on:

  • his fame and reputation;
  • the category, the demand;
  • the number of cases won.

The popularity of many lawyers and other legal professionals is fueled by television and other media, which only increases the income of these professions.

The way to the profession of a lawyer is long and difficult: you must, at least, graduate in the appropriate specialty and then pass the certification of the Chamber of Lawyers. Only after that can one begin to work. Actually, some students don’t hesitate to use law essay writing services during their study. Legal counsel working in a large corporation with millions of dollars in turnover paid not much lower than the CEO. These specialists protect the firm and reduce its financial losses from various possible risks.

Medics (Selected Areas)

Medicine has its hierarchy of high-paying professions. For example, in the last few years, anesthesiologists have been consistently at the top of the income rankings. This applies not only to the Russian labor market but internationally as well.

The duties of an anesthesiologist include anesthesia itself, treatment, and resuscitation measures. The task of this specialist is to keep the patient as safe as possible during the operation, before and after it.

Dentists also make good money. This medical specialty has long been entrenched in the ranking of high-paying professions and does not go out of there. More and more dental clinics are opening in the country, so qualified dentists are constantly needed. People are spending more and more money on dental care.

This market niche is not filled to 100%, so an experienced dentist in the coming years and decades without a job is certainly not left. The only thing that changes is the market demand for certain specialties – orthodontists, prosthodontists, therapists, and surgeons. But there is always room for training and mastering another field.


HR specialists (“human resources”), or recruiters, are engaged in personnel recruitment. They look for workers for newly established companies, recruit new personnel to the staff of existing organizations if it is necessary to increase or modernize them.

HR agencies have a wider range of functions: in addition to the selection of personnel of the required profile, they also interview them, test their suitability, etc. It is promising to be an HR manager in any case: the further you go, the greater the demand for this specialty.

Interface designer

This profession, too, has rapidly made its way to the top of the high-paying ranks and is becoming more and more popular every year. Interface designers design the appearance of applications, various software products, and websites. Their task is to make the product as clear and user-friendly as possible. Qualified UX- and UI designers have not only design skills and artistic taste, but also understand programming, layout, and marketing.

Immediately felt when the product is worked by a competent UI designer: the intuitive purpose of all the buttons, they do not have to look for all the information is easily accessible, and at the same time in the interface is nothing superfluous.

Financial analyst

Qualified specialists with a degree in financial analysis and experts who can assess the prospects of investment in the project, the market is greatly lacking. Especially for large enterprises.

In today’s business, commercial prospects are not evaluated intuitively, but with the help of special programs and methods of analysis. Specialists who can competently calculate financial risks and the potential profit of an investor are in great demand today.  


Air transportation, both passenger and cargo, has been and remains a highly demanded and well-paid profession associated with great responsibility and risk. Pilots have health requirements, including mental health, in addition to professional ones.

Pilots are very much needed in the job market, but the demands on them are extremely high. As for the mandatory knowledge and skills, it is at least navigation, aerodynamics, meteorology, and some disciplines, as well as perfectly honed reflexes and aviation English. 

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Written by Mark Greene

Mark Greene is writer and life coach dedicated to helping men to perform at peak level. He shares dating advice, style tips and strategies for building wealth and success.

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