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How to Set and Achieve Your Goals

Do you know people who are great at deciding what they want to do in life next and then doing that very thing? Do you envy them and wish you could be more like that? The truth is that you don’t need any special abilities to set and achieve goals. You just need the right strategies.

Life Goals

Set Your Goals

There are a lot of articles, books, podcasts, and other material out there sharing easy ways to work on yourself and talking about how to identify and set your goals, but in a nutshell, you should start by stating your aim in terms that are as concrete as possible. Instead of writing down “become a faster runner”, you should write something more like “I want to run a 5K in under 25 minutes by June”. This gives you something to measure your progress by. Then, you should write down the steps you need to take to reach the goal. Checking off these mini milestones can keep you on track.

Anticipate Practical Obstacles

One reason that many people fail to achieve the objectives they set for themselves is that they fail to anticipate obstacles, and then when they encounter challenges, they fold. It’s best to assume that your path to success will not be a smooth one and that you will meet obstacles along the way. If your goal is to become a lawyer, your first step might be getting a bachelor’s degree. 

You could take a look at the price of colleges you’re considering and decide you could never afford tuition, or you could just look at this as another obstacle to overcome. Your next step could be to find resources that can help you pay those costs. You may eligible for federal loans, or you could use find and apply for grants and scholarships. This platform allows you to set up a profile so that you can be better matched with suitable opportunities.

From Conception to Practice

It’s one thing to put all this on paper and have a great plan to achieve your goals, but what about carrying it out? Many people fail in the process of execution, and this is not just because they do not make goals that are concrete enough or do not specify the steps they need to take to reach those goals. It is because they still struggle to see the connection between their day to day lives and that achievement. 

An exciting achievement is the product of many ordinary days of making a little bit of progress, and that progress adds up. You won’t pay off a debt, become a millionaire, train for a marathon, or write a novel in a single blazing burst of glory. Instead, you will need to put away a little more money from each paycheck, run a little further each week or write a few words each day. Think hard about what you need to do each day in order to advance a little closer to your ultimate goal.

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Written by Mark Greene

Mark Greene is writer and life coach dedicated to helping men to perform at peak level. He shares dating advice, style tips and strategies for building wealth and success.