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How to Use Your Subconscious to Achieve Your Goals Faster

If you ever struggled with bad habits like overeating, overspending, drinking excessively, smoking, procrastination, and more, you can probably name a bunch of tricks brought to you by popular books, which are supposed to change your behavior. “Write one sentence for work each time you want to start scrolling the newsfeed! Throw away all those chocolates in the house! Join forces with a friend who is also trying to quit smoking, and keep pushing each other!” – all these recommendations are based on using willpower to control your behavior.

However, exercising willpower is by far not the easiest way to change your life. As almost 95 percent of our thoughts and decisions are governed by our subconscious mind, using conscious techniques to impact them is rarely effective.

Achieve Your Goals Faster

What is the Subconscious? 

The subconscious mind is the part of your mind that does not have focal awareness. The subconscious includes the thoughts and mental activities that occur just below your consciousness. According to researchers in Israel, the subconscious mind has more sophisticated capacities than many people realized, and it can perform all of the processes that the conscious mind performs. Your subconscious mind constantly filters information and stimuli and often presents repeating thought patterns and impulses that mimic what you’ve done in the past. This is why it can be so hard to break bad habits or form new, helpful ones by forcing yourself to behave differently. 

The Subconscious and Hypnotherapy

So what is the best approach to reprogramming your subconscious mind into new, more productive behavior? Among plenty of mindfulness techniques, such as yoga, meditation, and spiritual practices, there’s one scientifically proven method – hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy has the power to reprogram your subconscious mind and break through destructive thought patterns and behaviors. Whether you want to build your self-confidence, achieve your career goals, save more money, or lose weight, hypnosis can help reprogram your mind to achieve your life goals. 

Hypnotherapy helps you to achieve your goals faster than any other way of mental practice, as hypnotic sessions are always focused on a particular problem. Unlike meditation, which aims to reduce the quantity of thoughts, hypnosis is focused on improving the quality of thoughts and bringing change where it’s needed. Thus, it allows you to change your deeply-rooted thoughts and attitudes, and thought patterns. 

How Does Hypnosis Work?

Hypnosis works by guiding your mind into a relaxed, natural state by using audio repetition and imagery. During hypnosis, you are in a state of focused relaxation: you do not sleep but you are also not fully awake. You are aware of your surroundings but are focused on a certain suggestion. Your subconscious mind is more open to suggestions, but this does not mean you have no control over yourself or your behavior. Normally, the subconscious is protected from change by a kind of bouncer. That’s why change is sometimes difficult. This bouncer steps aside during hypnosis so that new suggestions can sink in.

Hypnosis for Goal-Setting

You can use your subconscious to achieve your biggest goals by harnessing the power of hypnosis. Some areas in which hypnosis can help you with goals in your life include:

  • Career goals. Hypnosis can help you think and behave more confidently and successfully in your career. Whether you want to land your dream job or get promoted, it can help you clarify your goals and break through obstacles in your mind that have been holding you back. 
  • Anxiety and stress. Hypnosis can reprogram your mind to experience less anxiety and stress by learning to remain calm even in high-pressure situations. By tapping into the subconscious mind, hypnosis can break down negative and unhelpful thought patterns that may be holding you back in life and causing you high levels of anxiety. 
  • Wealth. If you’re tired of struggling with finances, hypnosis will help you set action goals and reframe your attitudes toward money. Live in a state of abundance with hypnosis for wealth. 
  • Sports and fitness. Whether you experience performance anxiety or aren’t meeting your fitness goals, hypnosis can help you break through subconscious barriers that cause your performance and health to suffer. 
  • Relationships. Hypnosis can reprogram negative beliefs and thoughts that cause problems in your most important relationships so you can live up to your full potential. 

Achieve Fast, Lasting Results with Hypnosis

By allowing you to tap into your subconscious and removing barriers to change, hypnosis has transformative powers that work much faster than traditional therapy using conscious behavior modification techniques. If you want to meet your goals faster, you can use the HypnoBox App as an alternative to traditional hypnotherapy. It is the most comprehensive English-language hypnosis app where you can create your own sessions by choosing from more than 600 suggestion modules. Full-scale 30-minute sessions include an introduction, deepening, and awakening phase necessary to get the best results. You can jump into a session anytime and anywhere you feel ready to relax and focus on the given suggestions.

Download the HypnoBox App for iOS or Android to get started achieving your goals faster and changing your life for the better. You have nothing to lose but bad habits.

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Written by Bernhard Tewes

Founder, CEO, author, and male German voice of HypnoBox. Bernhard is a former hypnosis client who became a hypnotherapist after hypnosis completely changed his personal life. As a therapist, he works with innovative methods in his practice in Berlin. He is also active as a speaker, mentor, and trainer in the international world of hypnosis. The desire to make hypnosis better known and to give other people access to it has driven him in developing HypnoBox.