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Why is mental health as important as physical health?

What are the Benefits of Good Mental Health?

Are you taking proper care of your mental health? Because when it comes to our mind, we usually sideline it thinking it will get better over time. But that is not the case. People generally assume physical well-being when they are asked about their health, often ignoring the fact that mental health is equally important as physical health. Only hitting the gym, jogging, or doing physical exercise isn’t enough to keep your body and mind in the right shape. Here are a few tips on better health to help you maintain the proper balance between physical and mental well-being.


What is Mental Health and Why is it Important?

Mental health encompasses our social, emotional, and psychological well-being under one roof. Our mental state depends on what we are thinking, what tasks we are performing, how we are feeling, and whether we like our present situation or not. Your ability to handle stress, anger, and emotions, how you mix with other people, and the decisions you take depend largely on how mentally fit you are. Your psychological state is the creator of your words and actions, and hence, it’s necessary to keep it healthy and strong.

Let’s look at some of the key reasons why you should consider giving time to your heart and soul rather than only to your body.

How Mental Health Affects Your Physical Health?

Do you know that your body and your mind are closely connected? When you are physically wounded, along with your body, your mental state also goes down. A poor mental state often gives rise to depression, stress, sleep disorders, and many unwanted health problems that can severely damage your well-being if neglected continuously over time. Myers Cocktail in Detroit can fuel your body with energy and boost immunity, helping you feel physically better and helping to boost mood and mental clarity.

Similarly, when you aren’t happy or mentally 100% fit, you don’t get the energy to perform your daily chores or the enthusiasm to take upon new challenges. Piling up stress over long periods causes sleep disorders that can lead to anemia and other serious health hazards. Moreover, your body immunity decreases gradually, and you tend to fall prey to health problems more frequently than before. Looking after your mental health will also boost your physical well-being.

How Your Mental Health Can Affect Your Family?

Being mentally unwell leads to sudden mood swings, and the accumulation of stress and anxiety may cause outbursts of anger which can seriously affect the well-being of your near and dear ones. It may also lead to the deterioration of their mental health. Along with neglecting your daily tasks, you also start neglecting your family and slowly distancing yourself. However, distancing yourself will do you more harm than good; you will tend to become lonelier and mentally weak. Mental health may also affect the financial condition of your family. Your loved ones are the people who face the brunt of any financial strain, loss of job, unwanted anxiety, and stress.

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Mental Illness Can Lead to Serious Complications

Often people suffering from severe bouts of depression and anxiety commit violent and unlawful crimes that sane people would never consider. Mentally ill people may even tend towards becoming violent drug and alcohol abusers – a dark abyss that will only pull them deeper if not treated early. 

Researchers have found significant evidence to link chronic and untreated mental issues with violence and abuse. Such individuals are more likely to face severe mistreatment and harassment in the future. Committing violent crimes like murder and theft are also not rare amongst such people. 

Can Mental Health Give You a Healthy Life?

Absolutely, yes! You shouldn’t be surprised when you come to know that even mild mental health problems can lower your life expectancy significantly. Even the chances of death shoot up considerably when serious bouts of depression and anxiety are concerned. Even if you are not entirely mentally weak, feeling frustrated, worried, or stressed can lead to serious health complications in the future. 

Tending properly to your mental health issues will strengthen your body’s combat power against various health complications. It can prevent the onset or relapse of any former health complication you may have been suffering from earlier. Keeping your mind healthy will essentially keep your heart and body healthy.  


Learn to value yourself before anything. Regular exercise, a bit of yoga or meditation, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle will be enough to keep you smiling and happy every day.

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Written by Mark Greene

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