How To Incorporate Crystals And Stones In Your Daily Routine

Crystals and stones might look like ordinary rocks to some people. But, these minerals may contain beneficial health properties. Incorporate these gems into your daily routine, and you may take advantage of their physical, emotional, and spiritual healing characteristics.

So, here are four ways to let you integrate crystals and stones into your daily lifestyle.


It’s safe to say that no one wants to be part of car accidents. You can reduce the risks of vehicle-related accidents by practicing defensive driving techniques. But, you might wonder, what if you could add an extra layer of protection while you’re cruising down the road with your vehicle?

Achieve that objective by using car protection crystals to your daily driving routine. Car crystals incorporate the healing power of gemstones to promote safe land travels. 

Place the crystal of your choice on your rearview mirror or the dashboard. Otherwise, you can put the gem inside the glove compartment to gain unique benefits. 

Take note that several healing crystals exist to help protect your daily driving regimen. For instance, you can place rose quartz in your car to help prevent accidents caused by the carelessness of others. Consequently, bring a piece of black tourmaline in your travels to remove the negative aura in the car. This gemstone is excellent for individuals who frequently experience road rage. 


Regular meditation practice can promote numerous health benefits. But, you can increase the number of those advantages by incorporating crystals with your meditation practice. 

Each crystal contains unique abilities and frequencies. For instance, a particular gem may open spiritual doorways to help you find inner peace faster than average. Consequently, another gemstone may help you provide a new perspective in life and release negative energies. 

You can incorporate crystals in your meditation routine by placing the stone in your hand during the practice or by wearing it as a piece of jewelry. One meditation crystal that should come to mind is clear quartz. 

Touted as the “Master Healer” by some communities, clear quartz is an ideal gemstone to set a meditative intention. This crystal is excellent for filtering out distractions so you can remain at peace while blocking out the noise of the world. 

Other crystals you can incorporate during your meditation practice include amethyst and blue topaz. Remember, each of these gems have unique healing properties. It should be in your best interest to know more about these to help gain the specific benefit you want during meditation. 


Perhaps, your job requires you to undergo hours of physical labor. Otherwise, your profession demands you to stay and stare at a computer screen for 8 hours or more. These demanding occupations tend to lead to stiff muscles by the end of the day. 

A massage can be the only thing in your mind after a stressful day at work. But, a regular massage session might not be enough to release all the tension you feel. If so, incorporate the power of crystals to help release those negative energies from your body and mind. 

Use crystals like rose quartz and aventurine. The former option helps rejuvenate and revitalize the skin, whereas the latter assists in combating inflammation and stress. 

Another option is to use jade to help you relax after a busy day. A jade roller promotes numerous benefits, especially for the skin. This contraption may help boost blood circulation and reduce swelling. You may also use it under your eyes to help remove dark circles.

At Work

Work is a part of daily life for many people, and there’s no going around that fact. You go to your workplace every day to ensure food is always on the table. But, your occupation may come with many stressors. 

Crystals and stones can help you release the negativity that you feel while you’re at work. Gems like amethyst can help you return to a place of calm and relaxation when your bosses seem to pin you with numerous assignments, projects, and deadlines. 

Another stone to keep on your desk is pyrite. This gemstone emits a golden shimmer filled with abundant energy to help attract money and wealth to your life. Keep a piece of pyrite on your desk or in a drawer to remind you that you need to work hard to achieve your financial goals.


Do you feel like your fitness routine is lackluster? Did you reach a fitness plateau? Are you feeling a dip in your energy as you workout? If you said yes to any of these questions, then it’s time to reboot your exercise routine. You may consider trying other workouts for a change of pace. But, you can also incorporate crystal energy into your exercise regimen. 

For example, use a bracelet with a bloodstone while you’re doing cardiovascular exercises. This gemstone emits a dark green shine with a spot or strip of red. This splash of red resembles blood, which means this gemstone helps stimulate energy. Bloodstone also emits powerful healing energies to deliver confidence, courage, and motivation to its users. 

Another gem that should also come to mind while you exercise is black onyx. This stone absorbs and transforms negative energy, and these properties are ideal for people who might think of quitting halfway through a workout program.


At the end of the day, both the body and mind need to rest. Sleep is a natural way to refresh and energize yourself to let you tackle the next day’s challenges. Rejuvenate the different fibers of your being by incorporating the right crystals and stones as you drift off to dreamland. Crystals like amethyst and labradorite to help break insomnia and restlessness that you might be experiencing. 

These stones also help you remember your dreams as soon as you wake up. Dreams can be a gateway to your thoughts, and remembering them can offer you life lessons for you to ponder and take as you trudge through life’s challenges.


Different crystals promote varying physical, emotional, and spiritual advantages. Use the right gemstone while you drive, work, or massage yourself to gain unique benefits. Always bring the correct crystal or stone with you in your daily routine, and you may feel enhanced in more ways than one. 

Written by Mark Greene

Mark Greene is writer and life coach dedicated to helping men to perform at peak level. He shares dating advice, style tips and strategies for building wealth and success.