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Know Your Woman Before You Propose

Photo by Bridget Flohe on Unsplash

So, a man proposed to his girlfriend during the New York City Marathon 2018. As in, he literally hopped over the barrier in the middle of the race, stopped her, and proposed.

The internet, predictably, went nuts. I know this story is a year old, but it just popped up in my timeline and the reaction of random people on the internet to a proposal is…baffling. Everyone is outraged that the guy would stop his girlfriend in the middle of a marathon to propose. 

And sure, it seems like a bad time to do that. But, if you watch a video of the proposal, she seems thrilled. There are lots of happy tears, she says yes, and she finished the race.

There’s even quotes from the family saying how happy the two are. So, if she’s happy, why is everyone outraged on her behalf? She clearly didn’t have a problem with the way her boyfriend proposed. 

Now, it’s also clear that plenty of women would never be OK with this sort of proposal. That’s why there’s so much internet outrage over it. People are projecting themselves into the situation. 

The marathon-proposal couple is happy, folks, and they’ve got an awesome and unique proposal story. But the only reason that’s true is that this guy clearly knew his girlfriend well enough to know she’d love it if he proposed in that way. This could’ve been an absolute disaster. The moral of the story is, know your woman well before you propose. And maybe don’t spend so much time being outraged at happy people on the internet.

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Written by Mark Greene

Mark Greene is writer and life coach dedicated to helping men to perform at peak level. He shares dating advice, style tips and strategies for building wealth and success.