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Why You Should Be Freezing Your Sperm

Photo by Dev Benjamin on Unsplash

Most of us hear the phrase “biological clock” and think “that’s a thing that women have.” It’s long been known that women have a hard time limit on their fertility. Once menopause hits, they’re done. 

We know now that women actually begin to lose fertility well before menopause, and the drop off after age 35 is steep. That means women tend to feel pressure to have children young, or to consider freezing some of their eggs just in case.

Men haven’t felt that same pressure, though. We keep on producing sperm until the day we die, and we’ve all seen or heard of plenty of old men impregnating younger women, so what’s to worry about?

It turns out, though, that men’s fertility declines with age, too. That’s right gentlemen: we, too, have a biological clock.

There’s no male version of menopause, but the quality of our sperm decreases with age. Once you hit 40, the decline in quality starts increasing. Guys like Mick Jagger may have fathered children in their 70s, but that’s because they were with much younger women. The extra fertility of the woman made all the difference. Most of us aren’t going to be in that situation.

Freezing your sperm is a good idea, even if there’s still an expiration date on the stuff. If you’re still young and virile but have no plans of settling down soon, freezing your sperm now is a good way to hedge your bets for the future.

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Written by Mark Greene

Mark Greene is writer and life coach dedicated to helping men to perform at peak level. He shares dating advice, style tips and strategies for building wealth and success.