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10 Camping Trends: Summer 2022 Edition

Summer Camping Trends

The classic American camping trip is adapting to the new way of life due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Camping enthusiasts are changing their habits and buying different types of gear, like waterproof seat covers and face masks, to get ready for their trips. Here are 10 camping trips for this summer.


Socially Distanced Campsites

The top trend in this summer’s camping trips is social distancing. Visitors are opting for campgrounds that are more rustic and sites that are far apart from other campers to help reduce their risk of catching the virus.

RV Excursions

RV trips are also becoming more popular this year. Tourists are skipping the traditional hotel and choosing an RV for their stay to avoid touching surfaces and items used by the public.

Truck Tents

Another new trend in summer 2020 for camping are camping tents for trucks. For truck owners, a tent can be set up in the truck bed, elevating the sleeping space and keeping occupants cozy and dry.

Primitive Cabins

Primitive cabin camping for those who don’t enjoy sleeping in tents is also an option for this summer. These cabins provide basic shelter, but typically don’t feature bathrooms, kitchens, electricity or other modern amenities.

Roof Tents

Next, the roof tent is also being considered as an option for shelter. Roof tents attach to the top of a vehicle and give occupants a secure sleeping space. Finding a roof top tent cheap is a great way to save on this year’s trip.

Backcountry Trips 

Campers are also choosing more backcountry destinations that are not as populated. These spots allow people to properly spread out and avoid other visitors.

National Parks

National parks are also becoming popular camping destinations. Many national parks feature historical or geographical attractions and give campers more than just a scenic sleeping spot.

Road Trips

Travelers today are still nervous about taking a flight to their destination. Instead, many people are turning to their cars and going on a road trip. Camping is the ideal road trip destination and gives families a great way to spend time together.

Staying Close to Home

The next trend for trips this summer is that people are mostly focusing on trips that are a little closer to home. Since there is still a lot of apprehension about flying, summer vacationers are more likely to pick a destination that is a few hours’ drive away. Additionally, many international destinations are not open to American travelers yet.

Keeping it Simple 

Finally, the biggest aspect of vacationing this summer is keeping it simple and stress-free. Families and single travelers still have the urge to go out and do something after a long spring of quarantine and lockdowns, but they aren’t ready for a trip that’s too complex. Vacationers are going on short trips that focus on the outdoors and bringing most of their own supplies with them.

Go on an Adventure This Summer 

It’s still possible to go on a summer adventure this year while also following the principles of effective social distancing. Choosing a camping trip with your friends or family allows you to get outside and experience the thrill of a safe summer adventure.

Written by Mark Greene

Mark Greene is writer and life coach dedicated to helping men to perform at peak level. He shares dating advice, style tips and strategies for building wealth and success.