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A Quick Guide To Spearfishing Gear

If you like spending most of your time in the waters, you probably think about going on a spearfishing trip. Primarily, spearfishing is a method of catching a fish using a sharp object. Whether you want to go for shallow, freediving, or scuba diving spearfishing, you can certainly enjoy the experience if you do it safely and successfully. 

Man in a lake spearfishing

But to achieve it, you need to get ready with your spearfishing gear. With these pieces of equipment in place, you can improve your chances of catching a fish while enjoying the spearfishing experience. Thankfully, many online stores sell quality spearfishing gear. For example, you can explore products at Neptonics and other similar shops to find the right one.    

But before making a selection, it’s crucial to know what should be included in your gear list. So, if you’re new to spearfishing, here’s a quick guide to spearfishing gear that you need to know.  

1. Mask And Snorkel  

These two are must-have equipment for spearfishing. First, the mask will allow you to see the underwater and help you dive safely. However, you should know that masks come in various sizes and styles, which is why you should find the one that suits your face. For example, if you’re looking for a comfortable spearfishing mask, you may consider the low-profile model, as it can help regulate the air pressure inside the mask.  

On the other hand, it’s also essential to factor in the lens of your mask. If you’re heading on a spearfishing trip in crystal clear waters, using a mask with clear, see-through lenses may be an excellent choice. If you’re spearfishing in waters with low visibility, a mask with a colored filter can be the perfect match as it can help increase the contrast level for you to see the underwater clearly.  

Apart from the mask, it would help to prepare your snorkel so you can breathe comfortably while hunting for a fish. Although the standard snorkel can be an excellent spearfishing gear, it may be a good idea to buy a more expensive snorkel or one made from rubber to ensure comfort as you explore underwater.

2. Speargun 

Another essential spearfishing gear you should include in your list is the speargun. It refers to underwater fishing equipment using a harpoon or spear to pierce the target. Without this weapon, you can’t get much spearfishing job done. That said, finding the appropriate type of speargun for your next spearfishing trip is crucial.   

Generally, the common types of spearguns include pneumatic and banded spearguns. If you’re into freediving or scuba diving spearfishing, these two types can make hunting much easier and safer. The pneumatic speargun is compact and smaller, making it more convenient to carry underwater. At the same time, the banded speargun provides silent firing, which makes it easier to use.   

Once you find the right speargun, learn how the device works. You should know how to operate it underwater, reload it, or use it to target. Knowing all these things means you can make the most out of the speargun when spearfishing.   

3. Wetsuit  

If you’re under the water for spearfishing, you need to wear a wetsuit for comfort and unrestricted motion. It’s best to choose one that has a good temperature rating and a chest pad to protect you from potential bruises.   

But if you’re looking for a specific type of wetsuit, the open-cell one may be an ideal option. Although it usually comes with an expensive price tag, wearing it during a spearfishing activity has many benefits. For example, they’re comfortable to wear and adequately insulated against cold water. With proper thickness, an open-cell suit can be adequate for deeper cold-water dives.  

On the other hand, it’s also a good idea to use a wetsuit with a color that suits the water environment you’re spearfishing in. A blue suit may be best for hunting a fish in clear water. A brown suit may be the perfect choice if you’re spearfishing in waters with rocky terrain. You can get closer to your prey by wearing the proper wetsuit without compromising your safety.     

4. Fins  

Aside from the comfort of your wetsuit, you’ll also need a pair of good-quality water fins to move in the water properly. Generally, spearfishing fins which can be categorized into carbon, thermoplastic, and fiberglass, are used to provide propulsion with the least effort on your end. By wearing these fins, you can consume less energy and oxygen, which is necessary to prolong your dive time.  

Moreover, if you want to ensure a successful spearfishing experience, using specialized spearfishing fins which are longer and narrower may be sufficient. 

Spearfishing Gears


Typically, spearfishing may be one of the best outdoor hobbies for men. But aside from that, it can also be a perfect opportunity to spend time with nature and exercise to keep yourself healthy. Hence, if you’re spearfishing for the first time, you should know that many tools and equipment are needed to ensure its success.  

But as a beginner, it’s essential to keep the information mentioned above in mind to be ready for your water adventure. Make sure you have these must-haves spearfishing gear before sending yourself to the waters for hunting.  

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