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Anti-Pollution Mask That Takes Your Safety to the Next Level

Anti-Pollution Mask R-PUR Nano

R-PUR Nano is an anti pollution mask which can filter dust for up to 15 weeks and can keep you healthy.

R-PUR Nano is a modern and reliable anti-pollution mask that can help you in these modern times when air pollution has become a global problem. The product utilizes nanotechnology with full filtration, and this innovative solution has a PM 0.05 rating, which means it can filter out nanoparticles that are as tiny as 0.05 micrometers. The filters are long-lasting and can endure up to 15 weeks.

The thermo-control mask keeps you comfortable in summer, and warm during winter. The special hot air extraction valve allows you to breathe naturally, and the mask also has an antiperspirant feature. R-PUR Nano uses anti-fog technology, which makes it suitable for all helmets.

Written by Mark Greene

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