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Start Grilling Instantly with the RocketFire Fire Starter


Has your cookout ever stalled because you couldn’t light the grill? Do you burn through flimsy matches? Well, with the RocketFire fire starter, you can start grilling instantly.

RocketFire Torch Fire Starter

RocketFire is the next evolution of fire starters. It works for grills, smokers, campfires, indoor fireplaces, and fire pits. Charcoal or wood. This modular-tipped fire starter has an output of 25,000 BTUs. What does that mean for you? When the RocketFire is attached to your fuel source, one simple push of a button will shoot out a 60-degree tri-flame. You can get into the heart of your charcoal grill for instant ignition.

Key Features of RocketFire: 

  • No one has to waste time trying to light kindling or paper. Your friends won’t go hungry. You’ll have instant flames from the RocketFire.
  • Too often, you put yourself at risk lighting a fire by hand. The RocketFire attachment will keep you safely away from naked flames and possible burns.
  • You won’t lose this fire starter like a pack of matches. It’s portable and instantly recognizable.

It’s time to impress your friends and family with the RocketFire fire starter. They’ll love how quickly you can light the campfire, or get the grill going for burgers.

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Written by Mark Greene

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