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The EcoFlow DELTA 2 Will Keep The Lights on During Blackouts & in the Woods

From powerbanks to Tesla batteries, storing electricity has become commonplace in our society. While the former is good for a phone, and the latter can power your entire home, there is a wide divide. In between lie portable batteries like the EcoFlow DELTA 2, coming in at 1kWh of electricity storage.

EcoFlow DELTA 2 for camping

This amount won’t power your home, but it will provide enough power for your phone, laptop/computer, Wi-Fi, fridge and a light for at least a few hours. In times of a blackout or a brownout it can mean the difference between having to eat all your ice cream, or sitting in peace watching cat videos.

For example, you could charge your phone 89 times, a laptop 16 times, power a lightbulb or Wi-Fi router for 31 hours, or keep the fridge running for 7-14 hours depending on wattage. In addition you can power up to 15 devices at once with a multitude of ports, enough for the whole family.

EcoFlow DELTA 2 Not Just a Battery

Re-charging is super fast, with 0-80% in just 50 minutes. That means if you enjoy camping this can bring power to remote areas for the night, and then be easily recharged during the day. With the EcoFlow portable solar panel, you can charge the EcoFlow DELTA 2 to 500Wh in as little as 3 hours. A great companion for camping.

  • 1000kWh capacity to provide enough power for all your key devices and appliances
  • Portable weight means it’s easy to bring on camping trips, weighing around the same as a medium sized dog
  • Expandable to up to 3kWh for triple capacity
  • Super quick recharge to 80% within 50 mins
  • High quality materials means it’s built to last – 10years in fact before it loses just 20% of its capacity
EcoFlow DELTA 2

The tech in this battery is top-tier. It’s made from quality materials and built to get 10 years of daily use before it degrades to 80% capacity. That’s all possible thanks to the LiFePO4 battery chemistry that can deliver 3000+ full charge and drain cycles. This is around 6x longer than the current industry average!

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Written by Mark Greene

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