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See a new world with the versatile F.100 Flashlight

Are you tired of relying on cheap plastic torches with a weak beam? The F.100 Flashlight is the ultimate everyday flashlight, perfect for any adventure.

F.100 the versatile everyday flashlight

Versatility is the F.100’s greatest feature. The small but mighty LED torch is rated at 1000 lumens, enough to see 200 metres away at night. Compared to a basic household torch that sees around 50 metres, well, there’s a whole new world. And the best part is, this flashlight is sleek, durable and cool. It’s small enough to slip in your pocket, and can even be mounted to a bike’s handlebars.

Key Features of F.100: 

  • The F.100 provides convenience with it’s superb two-way rechargeable battery. Not only is it fully charged within 1 hour, but it also acts as a powerbank if you need to charge other small devices!
  • Camping, cycling or a power outage. There’s always a use for this versatile pocket torch thanks to its 6 light settings.
  • Forget the low quality plastic torch that breaks when you drop it. Made of durable aluminium, this waterproof flashlight will survive any off road adventure.

The F.100 is powerful, convenient and tough. You’ll be set for anything with this flashlight by your side.

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Written by Mark Greene

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