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bullbird BR2 Travel Pillow – Travel In Comfort

bullbird BR2 Travel Pillow

The bullbird BR2 Travel Pillow is designed for maximum comfort and to let you travel as relaxed as you possibly can be. Find out more!

Bull Bird

Travel pillows never really do the trick for me. It seems like a lot of times they are designed by someone who doesn’t travel a lot themselves. With a unique ergonomic design, the bullbird BR2 Travel Pillow really feels like it was built by someone who understands the pain that can come with flight after flight.

Doing Yourself a Favor

When you are doomed to sit upright for hours, using a travel pillow like this one can really spare you future neck and back pain. The newer addition of their adjustable strap system makes it easy to adjust to your own personal needs.

What spares you the pain specifically is that the BR2 aligns with your C1 – C7 vertebrae which is a problem area for all of us who get stuck traveling for hours and hours in one spot. Compared to others of its kind, it comes in at a good price for what you get out of it.

I say it is worth checking out and I give it a 5/5 because the bullbird BR2 really does let me take comfort on the go.

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Written by Mark Greene

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