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Cori Travel Pillow

Technological advancements in travel gear is at an endless pursuit for comfort to make traveling as hassle-free and cozy as possible. Customizable gadgets, luggages, shoes, backpacks, etcetera are all in the works to satisfy the partial wanderlust in everyone. Pillow is no exception. Introducing the highly custotmizable and feature-packed Cori Travel Pillow.

Our friends over at Cori Traveller gave us samples of the Cori PR Travel Pillows and here’s what we think about it!

Cori Travel Pillow

True to its claims

The Cori Travel Pillow can be converted in 3 popular configurations:

Cori Travel Pillow
  • All around support: which mainly supports the back and sides of your neck
  • Side support: which cradles the side of your cheek while napping
  • Front support: which mainly supports both of your chin for a more forward leaning nap

But those configurations doesn’t hinder you to customize it on your own. The possibilities are endless with its removable and completely transformable pillow pieces. It will transform to every form you prefer. Imagine a soft cushy Lego brick you can build to whatever you please.

Cori Travel Pillow

The package comes standard a mounting strap and 2 pillows (a short pillow about 6 inch long and a longer one about 9 inch long). Each pillow is about 3 inches wide, just the perfect size to support your neck. It’s compact, light-weight and doesn’t get in the way of your belongings. I prefer to just strap it on my neck all the time.

Overall, the Cori Travel Pillow is one heck of an invention that should’ve been available for ages. Travel comfort will never be the same again with the Cori Travel Pillow. It’s a very neat invention! We love it! 

What do you think?

Written by Mark Greene

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