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How to Easily Equip Your Car with A Night Driving Safety Aid System

The importance of Night driving safety

Due to decreased visibility in the night driving, compromised depth perception, peripheral vision, and color recognition are often inevitable. These things have made night driving three times more dangerous than daytime drive. More so, the high reduction in the ability to judge vehicle distance and speed has contributed to making night driving a death trap to road users, mostly the inexperienced once. The only solution to this is proper night driving safety. In addition, night driving safety can help you avoid endangering your life via night drive. It is going to enhance your confidence while you drive at night.

Current night driving safety aid system in the market

Currently, there are many built-in night vision systems in the market known to serve as a great safety aid. However, they are mostly expensive costing about $2500, making it difficult for most car owners to afford them. Even though the built-in night vision system comes at an expensive rate, their quality is nothing to write home about. The image color is monochrome (black and white), and its installation is tedious and cumbersome. Also, the system is made to produce an image with only 480P resolution with about 18o/30o view angle. The infrared type of the built-in night vision system is passive infrared, which is not good enough for the job.

Lanmodo Vast night vision system

No need managing the built-in night vision system with its confusing image display as Lanmodo is the best choice. The Lanmodo Vast night vision system is made with better feature and comes at a cheaper rate. It is made with excellent features with full image color for accurate image perception in low light at night. It is also designed to produce an image with 1080P resolution, with 36o vision angle 1080p. The infrared type of this night vision system is active infrared, giving users accurate information about the image on the road and overall road situation.

It may interest you to note that despite the technologically improved features of the Lanmodo Vast, it is made suitable for all car model. In that regard, irrespective the model of your car, you can leverage this system to make your night drive less risky, and more enjoyable. Whether you are using Toyota, Peugeot, Nissan, BMW, Mercedes, Honda, Hyundai, or other car brands, you can be sure of taking advantage of this night vision safety system.

The easy installation associated with Lanmodo Vast night vision device is another reason you should think of going for it. Installation of this system can be done in two different ways, and each of the ways can only take a few minutes to be completed by yourself.

Affordable price is another crucial point about Lanmodo Vast that made it the best among others. With its affordability, practically every car owner can afford the price.

Real test experience of Lanmodo Vast night vision system

As it is rightly said that “The proof of a pudding is in the eating,” the same way it is with Lanmodo Vast. That means you can only judge the real value of this night vision system from practical results or experience, and not by theory or appearance. So, you can easily discover the real features, and functionalities of the camera when you try it out. Through test experience, I can boldly say that the camera is incredibly, and impressively great. It offers full-color image with 1080P resolution, and wonderfully illuminate the road like when you are driving with 3000 watts energy bulb positioned by the side of the road. The vision system is pretty cool and comes with everything needed to make the installation easy in one package. There is a non-shift pad used to support the base to avoid moving around while on the go. It also comes with a suction cup that can be suctioned on the windscreen to make sure that the camera does not move around. The information provided about this product is understatement compared to what you will get through real test experience. So, you can go on and get one for your car to know what this tech improved device has to offer.


Installation of the Lanmodo Vast only takes several minutes to be completed. Therefore, you get your car to have a night driving safety aid system with ease by ordering for this tested and proven night vision system. It is made to keep your night drive free from an accident caused due to low light drive. More so, with this night vision system in your car, your family will always be at peace while you hit the road for night driving. Therefore, if you have not gotten one for your car, you should go on and do so today without wasting time. The delivery is quick and installation can be done by yourself following the user guides provided in the package.

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