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Detect More Metals, in More Soils, All the Time with the VANQUISH 540

The VANQUISH 540 is your ticket to unimpeded detecting. Everything has been considered to bring you a device that will go where you want to go. Detect what you want to detect. In any soil. In any weather. Let’s talk about it.

VANQUISH 540 Metal Detector

First off, the VANQUISH 540 can detect ANY metal. It combined multiple sensors that ensure nothing gets missed, and no terrain is off-limits. What’s more, with the 12” waterproof coil you’ll not only be able to detect deeper, but you can also take it wherever you want to go. Whether that’s on the beach, in a river, or just out in the rain. This detector has you covered. Saltwater performance is where the VANQUISH540 really shines, outperforming many others.

Multiple search modes help focus on specific items – Coin, Relic, Jewellery, All Metal or Custom. With the final mode, you can tweak it to whatever specific metals you’re interested in detecting. It’s truly a customisable detector. The Iron Bias helps you to filter out iron-based objects so you only pick up what’s really valuable to you.

VANQUISH 540 Detector

At just 2.8lbs this detector won’t weigh you down. Just slip it into a backpack and you’re good to go. The collapsed length is just 30”, perfect for long treks or when you’re low on space. It runs on rechargeable AA NiMH batteries, easily found at many retailers. So you can stock up and aren’t limited by the battery.

  • Four search modes + a custom one you can customise makes this detector really versatile
  • Multiple sensors operating at different frequencies means you can detect in any location, no matter the soil or type of metal you’re searching for
  • Waterproof to 3ft ensures you won’t have to stop when it’s raining or when you get to the beach or river
  • Lightweight and collapsible to 30” in length makes it a portable choice for trips or even out of town travel

Automatic noise cancelling is the cherry on this feature-loaded detector. Lag-free audio and 10-volume settings help detect metallic objects faster, putting you back in control.

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Written by Mark Greene

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