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3 Things You Can Do With Your Car After An Accident

If you get in a bad car accident, the most important thing is to make sure you and everyone involved in the accident are okay. If everyone is okay and you went through the law procedure afterward, the next thing to worry about is the condition of your vehicle. 

Accidents can leave your car greatly damaged in the worst cases, but if you’re lucky, your car’s damages will be repairable. But, what should you do if your car is beyond repair? Read on to find out.

Car Accident in a Street

Sell your vehicle for scrap metal

This is the most unfortunate scenario for your car. If you had an accident, and your car is greatly damaged or irreparable, and on top of everything you don’t have insurance, the best option is to sell it for scrap metal. If you live in the San Antonio area of Texas and are willing to make money from your irreparable vehicle the best option is to sell your junk car for cash in San Antonio. This way, you will dispose of your nonfunctional car and will make a fair amount of cash. 

Also, businesses that offer junk car removal services make the process of removing a car much simpler. Typically, the company will send employees to your home or another area to tow the car away. By getting rid of the trash car, you’ll free up some space for something more useful.

Selling your highly damaged car is also good for the environment and a safe option for you and your home. When abandoned cars are left in one location, more trash is generated, endangering the ecosystem. Hazardous chemicals in some parts of your scrap car may occasionally influence the subterranean water supply pipes to your home or neighborhood while spilling into the earth.

Check for insurance coverage

This option is for a far more fortunate situation, where the car accident either wasn’t your fault, or you have great car insurance coverage. It can be difficult to navigate the various insurance policies and ensure that you receive the full amount you are entitled to from each insurance company responsible for your damages. 

This is because the way all of these different forms of insurance collaborate to protect all of the various types of damages that can result from a car accident is frequently complicated. The best approach to ensure you safeguard your right to recover as much as possible following a car accident is to involve a car accident lawyer as soon as you can. The best insurance policy to have for your car in this situation is a collision policy. Typically, collision insurance is sold with an additional deductible. 

Even if you caused the incident, your collision coverage will pay for the repairs to your automobile, less the deductible. If the accident was not your fault, your insurance provider may pursue recoupment from the at-fault driver’s insurance provider, and if they are successful, they will also pay your deductible.

Sell your functional car parts

If your car is greatly damaged after an accident but mechanics say that it’s repairable, those repairs usually come at an overwhelmingly high price. What you can do instead of giving a lot of money to fix your car is to sell your car parts that are still functional and whole. Although there are other options, selling your car components online is by far the simplest one. 

It’s still crucial to choose the parts you know will sell even when you can sell a lot of your car’s parts. Both used spark plugs and transmission with many kilometers on them are likely to be undervalued. Things like radios, HVAC settings, CD players, subwoofers, and speakers, as well as any other easily replaceable or in-demand automotive accessory, will be highly sought-after and will easily bring you some cash.

Because they are simple to update and consumers are constantly searching for better loudspeakers and CD dashes, electronics of this kind are typically a smart choice. Tires are often a popular choice for a car’s mechanical components because of how pricey new tires are. Given that this is one of the more frequent things to break, headlight/brake-light inserts also sell reasonably well. 

Car engine

Final thoughts

To avoid being in an unpleasant situation after you’ve had a car accident, always make sure to get insurance for your vehicle. But if you’re already in the position where you made an accident without insurance, the best options for you are to either sell your car for scrap metal or to sell your functional car parts. Whatever you do with your car, don’t let it sit unattended in your garage as it can cause hazardous situations like leakages and even fire.

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Written by Mark Greene

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