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HUDWAY Drive: The Best Head-up Display For Any Car

Hudway Drive

HUDWAY, a leading provider of heads-up displays for safer and smarter driving. HUDWAY DRIVE is a heads-up display, which adds premium navigation features to all cars, providing drivers with a safe and smart way to receive directions, calls and texts while keeping both eyes on the road. Connecting through Bluetooth to any Apple or Android device, drivers can project their favorite apps directly in their line of sight on their dashboard or utilize the HUDWAY Go app which offers intuitive navigation with a live route and map view for less-distracting navigation. 

“Every second your eyes aren’t focused on the road increases the likelihood of an accident. Driving with mounted phones might seem safer, but they still block your view and force you to look away from the road. With HUDWAY, you can easily access vital driving info without disrupting your line of vision,” says Ivan Klabukov, co-founder and CEO, HUDWAY. “Fighter pilots have been using heads-up displays for decades to safely navigate the skies, and our goal is to provide drivers with a safe, affordable aftermarket option to easily navigate the roads the same way.” 

HUDWAY Drive is serving the modern driver, someone on the go who needs to stay connected without sacrificing their safety or the safety of others, with something that can’t be found anywhere else.

Takes the experiences you find important and makes them better:

    • Get navigation directions
      Search for places in the app and navigate there with concise directions floating in front of your eyes. Follow timely voice hints on upcoming manoeuvres. Powered by MapBox.
    • See who’s calling
      See when someone is calling you and accept the call the way you normally do. If you have a Voice Assistant button on the steering wheel, a Bluetooth headset, or Apple Watch, you can connect it to your phone and respond to calls this way. Otherwise, you will need to pick up your phone.
    • Stay informed with notification
      View messages and other notifications from your phone projected through your windshield — it’s automated, no extra actions are needed. Preset what you want to see on the head-up display and leave out all the rest.
    • Drive with virtual dashboard
      Customize your driving experience with the dashboard widgets:  pitching and rolling, GPS speedometer, clock, weather, ETA, compass, eco driving index, and more.
    • Audio plays where you prefer
      Listen to the voice directions played on your smartphone, Bluetooth headphones, or car media system — and receive phone calls hands-free.

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Written by Mark Greene

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