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Easy One Touch Connect – Just Ask Alexa

Easy One Touch Connect

The Easy One Touch Connect car mount has Alexa built into it giving you more control over your driving experience and eliminating the need for several other devices. Learn more!

iOttie - Easy One Touch Connect Car Mount

There are so many devices marketed towards improving the driving experience that keeping up with all of them means that my car would like a store. Whether it be “get this GPS” or “buy this Bluetooth speaker”, there is no shortage of new things to spend money on.

The Easy One Touch Connect effectively gets rid of the need for many of those devices by having Alexa built into it. That’s right.

One Touch, All Answers

With one touch, you can mount your phone on the dash and begin accessing all the information that Alexa has to offer. For me this is perfect for road trips because it takes a lot of the guesswork out, serves as a GPS and if I want to know what the weather is like up ahead all I must do is ask.

This takes hands-free driving to the next level and more than anything, it serves to make driving easier and more enjoyable. I give the Easy One Touch Connect a 5/5 because it is now an essential part of my driving.

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Written by Mark Greene

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