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Urwahn The Urban Revolution Of Steel


With a passion for technology, quality and design, we have developed our Stadtfuchs. We blend advanced technologies with thoughtful design, resulting in a unique organic frame shape with high recognition value and a multitude of integrated technical refinements. For this unique design we were recently awarded the Red Dot Award: Best of the Best.

The frame itself with its composition of first-class quenched and tempered steel and elastic rear suspension provides a completely new and comfortable driving experience. We were the first bicycle manufacturer to succeed in the economical series production of the frame in 3D printing. Further highlights are the LED light and GPS system integrated into the steel frame, which guarantee the user additional safety and theft protection in road traffic and make the hearts of all tech enthusiasts beat faster.

In product development, we always focus on the user and consistently analyze his everyday usage scenarios to ensure frustration-free and intuitive product use. Therefore, our Urwahn Bikes not only prove to be a perfect companion for exploring the urban landscape, but every Urwahn bike is also subject to a fair, transparent and sustainable value chain.

We only cooperate with selected industry and cooperation partners who, like us, are committed to quality products and process-optimized manufacturing techniques. In addition, our innovative steel frame is developed and produced completly in Germany, as we are very concerned about regional roots and fair conditions for all players involved in development and production.

By the way, our name Urwahn is composed of the terms urban and Wahnsinn (lunatic in German) and thus already describes our focused segment and our way of thinking for the initialization of innovative mobility solutions.

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Written by Mark Greene

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