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Peace of Mind in 1080p with Nexar Pro Dash Cam

Dash cams received a much-needed upgrade when the Nexar Pro came to market. This isn’t a regular dash cam, it utilises the latest tech to ensure a superior experience. With software updates, your investment in safety is future-proofed for years to come.

Nexar Pro 1080p Dash Cam

Your car will be secured 24/7 with the Nexar Pro’s impact detection. Even when you’re asleep or having lunch around the corner, the cams automatically begin recording as soon as your car is impacted or broken into. Great peace of mind if you’re considering this as a gift for elderly family members.

Insurance claims become a breeze when you can automatically generate an accident report that shows all the important figures. You’ll be able to pinpoint exactly where you were, how fast you were going, the impact force, and of course the video in full HD. This can prevent any unnecessary arguments about what happened from even starting.

  • Configurable with enough memory to give you a full 24 hour recording
  • Drives and important moments are uploaded to the Nexar Cloud free of charge with no limits on storage
  • Emergency alerts can notify you as soon as an accident happens, and there’s even a one click 911 dispatch button
  • Insurance claims become simple to navigate with the accident report showing all the sensor data plus the video footage of what happened
  • Software updates will ensure your dash cam keeps getting better with age
  • Easily find your car in busy parking lots, Nexar will show you where you last parked your vehicle
Nexar Pro Dash Cam

Two 1080p cameras ensure you have crystal-clear video of any accidents while you’re driving

The Nexar Pro has updated the dash cam experience and we are here for it. They’ve thought of all the little things you wish your dash cam had but until now hasn’t. It makes an excellent safety addition to your vehicle and a great gift for family.

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Written by Mark Greene

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