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Tidy, Compact & Keeps Track of 6 Lanes? Introducing the Nextbase 322GW Dash Cam

This honestly might be the last dash cam you will ever buy. It seems that Nexbase has thought of everything you could possibly need with their 322GW dash cam. I suppose automatic uploading of near-misses to TikTok would be a cool feature.. I digress.

Nextbase 322GW Dash Cam

The first major point is this camera has a major wide angle – it can monitor up to 6 lanes. That means you get a full view of any accidents that happen and can be super helpful for insurance claims on busy highways. The on board SD card has Loop Recording, meaning it automatically writes over old footage once full, that way you never have to worry about deleting older footage, this dash cam does it for you.

Second, this camera gives a quality image. 1080p full HD to the front, and 720p HD in the rear means you get crystal clear images of everything going on around your vehicle. A built-in Emergency SOS will alert emergency services to your location in the case of an accident. While the clear video will make insurance claims that much easier.

Nextbase 322GW Dash Cam Front

Third, sayonara to the pain of unhooking your dash cam whenever you need to clear the memory or anything else. The Nextbase 322GW eliminates this by attaching to a magnetic base which then provides power. An on board lithium ion battery provides backup power for short recordings.

  • Wide angle allowing to capture 6 lanes worth of footage
  • Automatic Loop Recording means you don’t have to clear the SD card
  • Full HD to the front, and 720p in the rear make for clear images of what happened
  • No messy wires interrupting your view of the road
  • Intelligent Parking Mode to let you know what happens when you’re not around
  • Polarised lenses mean a reduction in glare and improved picture quality in recordings
  • Automatic Emergency SOS feature if the worst happens and you’re unconscious

Finally, as any dash cam should, the Nextbase 322GW has an Intelligent Parking Mode. This means any bumps of movement of your car while parked will get recorded so you can see exactly who did what while you’re off running errands.

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Written by Mark Greene

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