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15 Best Condoms That Will Make You Last Longer

It’s the age of the “No Glove, No Love” — and it’s time we all admit that this is a bandwagon we all got to jump on (it’s really not that bad!). Now before you scroll away because you think wearing a condom totally sucks, it’s only probably because you’ve been wearing all the wrong ones. I know, it’s a hard pill to swallow, but it’s true! Not all condoms are made the same.  

Yes, we’ve all been that guy who finished way too early. You’re met with a disappointed “..is that it?”. You’re already slipping into a sex coma while your girl’s left annoyed and dissatisfied. You’re definitely not getting a cuddle. Premature ejaculation can really ruin the mood for both you and your lover, so if you’re looking to bang it out the entire night, here’s where condoms actually are a lifesaver. With the right one, it can help to reduce sensitivity and help you last the night. Might even score yourself a good yelp review if you know what I mean *winks*.

It’s really simple. All you need to look out for in a good condom for you are three things: a good fit, texture and thickness. A condom that’s too tight will turn you into a softie, no matter how turned on you are. Plus, that’s only going to rip when you’re in action, which is the last thing you and your lover would want. Condoms come in varying rubber thickness to cater to everyone, so read on to see what could work for you! In this article, we’ve shortlisted a couple of highly-praised, tried and tested condoms. Trust us, we got your back. 

A Collection of the Best Condoms that will Make You Last Longer in Bed

1. Durex Performax Intense Ribbed & Dotted with Delay Lubricant Premium

Durex Performax Intense Ribbed & Dotted with Delay Lubricant Premium

With the Durex Performax Intense Ribbed & Dotted you get the best of both worlds: Her pleasure and your stamina.

This condom is lined with ribs and dots that add extra pleasure and sensation for her during sex by increasing clitoral and vaginal stimulation. Plus the delay lubricant, which consists of 5 percent benzocaine, enhances a man’s staying power by reducing sensitivity and giving him ultimate climax control.

The idea behind this condom is that it’s supposed to bring about mutual climax. When you have control over when you climax, you’ll be able to help your lover reach hers before or at the same time you do! Sounds like things are about to get hot and heavy.

2. GLYDE Slimfit

GLYDE Slimfit

Drumroll for the top rated condom by Cosmopolitan and Men’s Journal! This condom is extra thin, provides a tighter fit, and is made of ethically made natural latex rubber. Props to you for being extra responsible! No excuses this time, boys!

If you have sensitive skin, this would be an ideal choice to help with climax control as these are made of natural ingredients only. It doesn’t come with any sort of scent or fragrance, chemicals or spermicides too.

3. Pasante Infinity Delay Condoms

Pasante Infinity Delay Condoms

The Infinity Delay Condoms by Pasante are designed to slow you down and give you climax control, using a special lubricant consisting of Lidocaine (1%). They are made with high quality rubber, and are lubricated with a lubricant that is not spermicidal.

They also come with a reservoir at the tip, which the Brits called ‘teat-ending’.

4. DUREX – Pleasure Pack Condom Tin, 48 Count Product Shot

DUREX – Pleasure Pack Condom Tin, 48 Count Product Shot

One of the things that makes sex great is the variety: Different positions, partners, locations, fantasies and more. But what a lot of guys overlook is the role of the condoms.

Like we mentioned before, not all condoms are created equally.

Instead of using the same condom for every bedroom romp, mix things up a bit. It’s almost like a pleasure condom version of Russian Roulette, just with a different type of shooting.

The Durex pleasure pack is perfect to keep things wild and fun in the bedroom. The pleasure pack contains various condoms that are lubricated including the aforementioned Performax Intense, as well Intense Sensation, Extra Sensitive and Tropical Flavor among a couple others.

Whether you want to enhance pleasure, performance or stamina, there’s’ going to be something for every guy in this pack. Plus by experimenting with different condoms you can determine what is the best for you and your partner. Who says being safe can’t be fun?

5. TROJAN Extended Pleasure

TROJAN™ Extended Condoms

The motto of this condom is ‘Last as long as you like.’ If stamina is your goal, then look no further.

It’s a guaranteed all-nighter. Trojan Extended Pleasure Condoms use Benzocaine (4%) to reduce sensation and sensitivity . And although this is a lower concentration than the Durex Performax, the condom is thicker which also serves to delay orgasm. This high quality rubbers are sure to give you the stamina of a professional athlete and ultimate pleasure.

6. LifeStyles Everlast Intense

LifeStyles Everlast Intense

Like some of the other condoms on this list, Lifestyles Everlast intense will enhance our partners’ pleasure while making you last longer.

The ultra-studded condoms will help intensify sensations for any woman. Plus, the condoms studs are even larger than usual, so be assured you’re delivering pleasurable sensations to your lover. The UltraGlide lubricant also comes in handy to ensure a long-lasting, comfortable and smooth session, no matter the duration.

The delay lubricant contains Benzocaine (4.5%) to keep your climax under control. (At least until your lover does, so you can finish together!)

7. LifeStyles Passion Pack

LifeStyles Passion Pack

If you’re interested in other types of pleasure condom variety packs, then you should consider the Lifestyles Passion Pack.

It includes the Everlast Intense condoms as seen above, and also contains:

(4) 3SUM Condoms: These are ribbed, studded and pleasure shaped 3 in 1 condoms. They are uniquely designed to stimulate more pleasure for him, while the extra ribs and studs create more pleasure for her.

And (4) Vibra-Ribbed Condoms: These have a ribbed texture for added stimulation. They promote maximum pleasure for everyone.

Lifestyles’ unique, comfortable, stretchable latex and scientifically engineered condom shapes offer the safe ultra-sensual experience you’ve been looking for.

8. Trustex Extra Strength Condoms

Trustex Extra Strength Condoms

If you’re looking to try out a new brand of condoms, then you should check out Trustex. These ones take a more traditional approach to delaying climax, as they are extra thick which reduces the sensation without using a chemical substance. So, if you want to avoid delaying lubes, this is the one to try.

They are also longer than average and have a water based lubricant which also ensures comfort for both you and your partner.

And if you want to change things up a bit, the Trustex Extra Strength Condoms come in a variety of colors!

9. Pasante Delay Condoms

Pasante Delay Condoms

Surprised to see Pasante on the list again? They’re a popular brand for a reason after all. Like the name already suggests, these bad boys help to keep the fun going as long as possible with a gentle delay lube with 1% Lidocaine to gently numb the tip. It’s transparent and comes with a teat as well. 

10. KamaSutra Long Last Condoms

KamaSutra Long Last Condoms

Looking for a condom that feels natural but enhances your sensations? KamaSutra’s Long Last condoms does live up to its name. The inside of its condoms are lined with Benzocaine (4.5%) lubricant to help delay ejaculation and prolong the fun. 

These special condoms are designed with “power dots” to give her a little something special. 

11. Durex Prolong Delay Textured Condoms

Durex Prolong Delay Textured Condoms

Lubed up on the inside and outside of the condom, you’ll be feeling really good and slick. The inside is lined with 5% Benzocaine to extend your night of pleasure while the outside is dotted and ribbed for the ultimate pleasurable experience for your partner. 

It’s comfortable, sexy and most importantly, safe!

12. Erotim Long Love Condoms

Erotim Long Love Condoms

Daydreaming about love making that goes on and on and on? No shame in getting a little help with that. Erotim’s condoms are lined inside with a 7% Benzocaine paste that immediately transforms into liquid at body temperature to help delay ejaculation so you can go all night. Let’s be real, you don’t have to worry about the paste taking too long to liquefy, you’re sure to be hot and steaming by the time you’re pulling out this condom. If you want to be extra safe, put it on and play around for at least three minutes before sliding in.

Additionally, it’s super easy to wash off with water after you’re done! Maybe an excuse for an extra cheeky session in the shower? 

13. Skore Champion Series Advanced Range Condoms

Skore Champion Series Advanced Range Condoms

This wild pack of four different condoms comes in different flavors, textures and thickness. Best part? It comes with disposable pouches too for easy and fuss free clean-ups afterwards. Give your lover the time of her life with the condom’s specially ribbed and dotted pattern. Additionally, it is also lined with delay lubricant to keep you going as long as possible. Don’t ask us how good the flavours are, that’s for you to find out.

14. Kohinoor Condom Xtra Time 

Kohinoor Condom Xtra Time

Don’t you wish you just had a little bit of Xtra time? Kohinoor promises a longer-lasting night of passion for you and your lover with a lining of Benzocaine delay lubricant. Transparent, plain and tipped with a teat, this is for those looking for something simple that still gets the job done.

15. NottyBoy Overtime Climax Delay 

NottyBoy Overtime Climax Delay

Now this is the time of overtime I’m talking about. Climax control? Done. This condom is lined with 4.5% Benzocaine and made of natural rubber latex, you’ll definitely be having the time of your life. You’ll be able to last longer and do many more notty things. That’s a plus in my book. These also come with a disposable pouch, so you can get messy without worrying about cleaning up after.


1. How do condoms help in prolonging the duration of sex?

A common cause for premature ejaculation is hypersensitivity. Hence, wearing a condom helps reduce that sensitivity and provide you an extended session of pleasure. The thicker the condom, the stronger the dulling of the sensitivity.

However, it does depend on you and your lover’s level of comfort, sometimes if the condom is too thick, it could remove sensation completely and be quite painful for your lady. It’s important to find out what condom is comfortable for not only you, but your partner as well. Additionally, there are extended pleasure condoms that contain in-built delay lubricants in its inner lining to further desensitise the sensations. For example, most of the condoms shortlisted in this article come with a delay lubricant. 

2. When should I start wearing the delay condom for it to be effective?

As not all condoms are made the same, it depends on the brand. For example, the Erotim Long Love Condoms are lined with a Benzocaine paste which will only be activated by body temperature in order to turn to liquid lube. This takes at least three minutes to take effect.

Be sure to read the instructions of the condom to be extra sure on its effectiveness and if it requires time to be activated. It may be annoying to be fumbling through the package in the middle of a steamy session, so we highly advise to check it when you’re purchasing one. 

3. What are delay lubricants? Are they safe?

Based on our article, you might have noticed two prominent delay lubricant names: Lidocaine and Benzocaine. Lidocaine isn’t a very common delay lubricant to use due to recent studies showing that it is potentially corrosive to the latex of the condoms and can increase the risk of it breaking mid-action.

Benzocaine has taken over as the most common solution and is typically known as a local anesthetic to provide numbing. If you tend to have reactions due to skin sensitivity, you may experience side effects like stinging, burning, itchiness, tenderness or flaking. However, most condoms only use less than 5% of this ingredient, so don’t worry about facing terrible side effects.

If you are still skeptical about these ingredients, there are more condoms in the market that only use natural ingredients for climax control, such as the KamaSutra and Glyde condoms in this article. 

4. Can I take additional supplements to prolong the duration of sex?

There are definitely oral supplements available over the counter to help prevent premature ejaculation. There are also delay sprays available, but it’s safe to just use one delay product at a time to prevent the possibility of over-extended sensitivity loss and limp dick.

In the long run, you could also start including foods that are rich in zinc and magnesium to help overcome premature ejaculation.  

5. What is the best long-lasting condom? 

Contrary to popular belief, there is no perfect condom. It depends on the individual — what works for your buddy may not work for you. So, it’s important to always be open to trying out condoms until you find one that’s perfect for you. Hopefully, one of them is in this article. 

6. Can I use the same condom for intercourse and for BJs? 

Hygiene-wise, it’s a no. Technically, unprotected oral sex can cause STI transmissions. It’s a definite rule of thumb to change condoms per use — so even when you’re switching holes, switch the glove too. That being said, change a condom every time you finish in one. If you’re going for rounds in the same condom, you only put yourself in risk of condom breakage and also, that’s gross, bro.


To wrap it up, wrap it up! There’s nothing to be ashamed of in practising safe sex, and at the end of the day, why turn down an opportunity to have a longer session of just bonking each other? Lasting longer also means you get to try out more things in the sexy department. 

So release all your past inhibitions about condoms — you’re doing the right thing by being responsible and also earning yourself a couple more passionate moments and extended pleasure. We hope this article has helped you in deciding on the best condom to get for yourself. You’re welcum. 

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