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9 Hot Sex Positions to Try With a Cam Girl

Sex positions are one of those things that can make or mar a sexual experience. Good sex means you and your partner got the perfect angles to devour each other.

Usually, we all just fall back on the comfortable missionary position, and if we’re feeling freaky, we go for the doggy style. But there are several sex positions you can try out with your partner to make things a lot more interesting.

Tips With A Cam Girl

Tips For Sex With A Cam Girl

Sex with a cam girl can go wrong real fast. And this is not an indictment on you or your cam girls’ skills. If you’re trying to orgasm through a screen over questionable WiFi, then the odds are high. However, many people have mind-blowing sex with cam girls live, all the time. The question is, how do they do it?

Cam sex requires adequate preparation and just as much enthusiasm as real-life sex. What’s more, it requires that you keep trying new things to keep the tempo of fun.

Besides being willing to try new things, you must pay attention to things like your camera angles, as this will significantly impact your sexual experience.

You might think you’re putting yourself in a super sexy position when all you do is look awkward to the person on the other end of the screen.

Before you turn on that camera, you must also take safety precautions to protect yourself and your cam girl.

That being said, you must also respect the privacy of your cam girl. You have no business inviting your roommate or any other person to view without obtaining her consent.

The show is for you, and that is because you paid for it. 

Set the scene for the sex. If you want the lights dim, dim them and test your camera angles. If you are using a laptop, find things to prop it up.

A ring light would be a good investment if you use your phone. 

Sex Positions To Try With A Cam Girl Live

If you are new to webcam sex, you should start simple, and as you get more comfortable with the idea of sex online, you can get a bit more playful with the positions. 

The Upfacing Camera 

Place your laptop in an elevated position, so the camera faces downwards. You can then kneel behind the camera and allow your cam girl a good view of your entire body, and then you can go on to touch yourself. 

Show and Tell 

Show Don’t Tell is entertaining for people who want to explore their submissive traits. This is basically you putting yourself at the mercy of a cam girl. You watch her perform, and then she tells you what to do for her. 

Strip Tease 

Strip tease is just as basic as strip teases come. You start by taking off the most prominent clothing items and then proceed to your underwear. You do this till you are as naked as you are comfortable being on camera. 


This is for uncomfortable people showing their genitals on camera. You can pretend what you are having with your came girl is a simple conversation, and then you both start to talk dirty to each other. Watch your cam girl do things to her body as your facial gestures and moans keep the room hot. 

Mutual Masturbation 

Mutual masturbation involves you lying on your back with your camera pointed towards your genitals while you masturbate, and your cam girl does the same. You can have her start and then join in later to make things more interesting. 

The Private Film Show 

Imagine you are in a studio shooting a movie for your cam girl, but this time, you are doing it from your bedroom, lying sideways on your bed with the camera set on a tripod as you do the wildest things to your body. 

Booty Call 

Ass to the camera, jiggling and moving rhythmically is another hot position to try during sex with your cam girl. Ensure your camera is properly angled so that your ass takes up most of the screen. 

Stand up call 

You can also stand up during sex with your cam girl. You can stand facing or backing the camera. Just make sure your cam girl can hear how much fun you are having. 

Reel Me In 

If your cam girl is open to the idea, introduce teledildonics and have her control it while you lie down or vice versa. 

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Written by Mark Greene

Mark Greene is writer and life coach dedicated to helping men to perform at peak level. He shares dating advice, style tips and strategies for building wealth and success.