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So, You Want a Harder Erection? Here Are Some Supplements For Harder Erections that Might Help

You don’t have to be suffering from ED to want a harder erection. It increases sexual pleasure—for both partners—and, let’s face it, it just plain feels good to know everything is working its best down there. Keep in mind that everyone’s body is different. Using supplements isn’t about having the stamina of a porn star so much as it is about achieving your personal best in terms of sexual performance.

Even if you’re supplemented to the 9’s, you might not have the kind of stamina that you want. Remember that supplements are designed to do just what the name says; they supplement your needs in a given area, but don’t provide for them entirely. You still need to eat well, get plenty of rest and keep your cardiovascular system in good shape to get hard erections.

Before we get into supplements, let’s look at what you need to do to make sure that you’re not dealing with something more serious than erections that just aren’t hard enough for you. Not that soft erections aren’t serious –this problem can be devastating psychologically – but not all erectile softness stems from particularly dangerous conditions, though it definitely could.

First talk to the doctor

There are two big reasons that you need to talk to your physician before you start taking any sort of a natural supplements for harder erections or erectile dysfunction. First, you have to make certain that that supplement isn’t going to interact dangerously with any other medication you are taking. You also have to make sure that any existing conditions that you have won’t be exacerbated by whatever supplement your taking. Second, you need to make sure that any weakness in your erections isn’t related to something worse. Your sexual health can sometimes be a good indicator of your overall health, so take it seriously if things aren’t working right for you in the sex department.

supplements for stronger erection

Remember that supplements are designed to do just what the name says; they supplement your needs in a given area, but don’t provide for them entirely. You still need to eat well, get plenty of rest and keep your cardiovascular system in good shape to get hard erections.

What They’ll Do

Your physician will run a series of tests on you to make certain that there isn’t something very serious going on. These tests will include looking at your urine, taking blood, possibly doing an overnight erection test so that they can monitor whether or not your issue is psychological more than physical and, of course, they’ll conduct a full physical exam.

When you read the list of supplements you’re going to learn about, make sure that you write them down so you can bring them to this appointment with your doctor. This is a chance to ask your physician whether any of the supplements are likely to interact with any medication you’re taking now or whether they in and of themselves may be a health concern for you.

After you have your exam, you may be recommended some common treatments used for erectile dysfunction, as well as performance enhancement. These include Viagra and other drugs, and they may recommend other treatments, as well, up to and including surgery.

Not everybody is going to want that surgery, of course. Provided your physician says that any one of these supplements is safe for you – please ask, because if you are on blood thinners, heart medication or other medications, there may be very real risks – you may want to try the following supplements such as Cenforce 100, which are getting a lot of good feedback from users who want harder erections.

Top Supplements for Harder Erection

Below are some supplements you may want to try to perform better in bed like Kamagra Oral Jelly. If you want to skip ahead to our number 1 recommended supplement for harder erections click here.



Ginseng has been a popular traditional treatment for many different conditions in Korea for generations. There are some studies that show that people with erectile dysfunction have gotten good results from using this as a treatment.

There have been several clinical studies done on the efficacy of red ginseng as a way of treating erectile dysfunction and increasing sexual performance. These studies typically focused on Korean red ginseng that was steamed and heated, which is the traditional way of preparing the herb to be used.

In addition to all of these different studies, there was also a systematic review of those studies done. Here are some of the things that this meta-study found that you may want to take into consideration.

The review did find that the studies did find evidence that red ginseng could be used as a treatment for erectile dysfunction. However, the evaluation also found that the methodology used in these studies was low on average.

Notably, it was also found that the sample sizes used and the quality of the methodology in the primary study samples did not reach a level that could allow for definitive conclusions to be drawn about the efficacy of Korean ginseng.

Does Korean ginseng work to make erections harder? A lot of people say so. A lot of studies say so. The quality of the studies, however, is something that should be examined and, as always, you should consider the source when you get this information.

Horny Goat Weed

Horny goat weed certainly sounds like it would do the trick and, for many men, it seems to be a good option. The less provocative name for the plant is Epimedium, which is the name of a genus of plants, which have traditionally been used to increase energy.

Horny goat weed is thought to inhibit icariin on phosphodiesterase-5, which has the effect of increasing the likelihood that a male will have a successful erection. This is actually accomplished in the same way as is the case for the drug Viagra. The difference between the herbal version and the pharmaceutical Viagra is that Viagra is much more potent.

It’s important here to make certain that you’re getting an effective dosage. There is no standard dosage from the FDA for this supplement, so you may want to research information on recommended dosages.

Horny goat weed will not give you the kind of instant erection you might be familiar with from Viagra. However, some men have reported good results with it. It is particularly important to speak with your physician before using this if you have any kind of cardiovascular condition.

Muira Puama

Muira Puama actually translates to “potency wood, which is likely to catch the interest of anybody looking for a drug to get harder erections right off the bat.

The bark and the root are typically used for medicinal purposes. The main evidence for this having some sexual benefit is a study from the Institute of Sexology, located in Paris, France, which did a study in 1990. That study found that 62% of the people treated with this extract said that it was helpful for diminished libido.

The mechanism by which this drug works is thought to be similar to that of horny goat weed. Remember to check the amount of the herb included in any supplement that you buy. The aforementioned study used a daily dose of 1 to 1.5 g of the extract, at a 4 to 1 ratio.


Pycnogenol is marketed on its own as a supplement for erectile dysfunction, but a study conducted by Stanislavov and Nikolova in 2003 actually got good results by combining this with L-arginine. The Pycnogenol wasn’t added to the formulation that the participants in the study were given until the second month of a three-month study. Prior to that, they only received L-arginine , which did not produce any statistically significant results. However, with the addition of Pycnogenol, the researchers were able to determine that administering this medication orally along with L-arginine caused a significant improvement in men with ED. In addition to that, there were no reported side effects, which may be excellent news for people who are worried about pharmaceutical drugs.

This supplement is derived from the bark of a pine tree. It is widely available, though it is one of the newer supplements on the block, so you may want to wait for more studies.



Quercetin is a flavonoid and it’s found in a variety of different foods. In addition to supplements, you can get this flavonoid from cranberries, sweet potatoes, broccoli, tea, cilantro and a variety of different foods, many of them actually healthy choices.

The claims that Quercetin can increase erectile function mostly stem from the fact that it has been shown to lower systolic blood pressure, which is associated with better erections as it implies higher levels of nitric oxide. This effect has also been shown in animal studies.

Quercetin is associated with some side effects, including headaches and tingling sensations. Caution also has to be exercised if you are taking any sort of an antibiotic drug, blood thinners, drugs that are processed by the liver and several other medications. It’s advisable to talk with your physician before starting Quercetin.

Some men have reported very good luck with this particular supplement, and it may be worth investigating. There are additional claims made about this particular supplement, but many of them have been called into question by authoritative bodies. If you want to give this particular supplement a try, make sure you get it from a quality source, and consider trying to boost your levels by changing your diet to accommodate the food it’s found in naturally, as well.


You’ve already heard of this as L-arginine, which was rather promising in a study where it was combined with Pycnogenol. On its own, this particular supplement hasn’t been successful for all men and, in fact, in the aforementioned study it was the addition of the Pycnogenol that did the trick, with the combination of the two really seeming to show the results that men are usually looking for.

There is, however, evidence from a 1999 trial that found that this might help improve sexual performance in men with erectile dysfunction. This was tied to nitric oxide metabolism, however, and, according to Medicine Net, the conditions it was tied to are similar to what one would see in somebody with cardiovascular disease. This has gotten recommendations from doctors but it’s important to make certain that you do talk to your physician if you have a heart condition of any kind before you take this.


DHEA is sometimes recommended as a treatment for erectile dysfunction. This increases the production of androgens in men and, according to some men, has benefits as far as better erections go.

One of the ways that this may help get men harder is through improving mood, which is an evidence-based claim. This is actively being looked at as a treatment for diminished sexual function, but more study is needed before it can be definitively said to improve sexual performance.

This supplement is widely available, but is one you should discuss with your physician before you start. Because this does affect hormone levels in the body, there may be side effects, and discussing these with your physician before taking any such supplement is always a good idea.

Reduced testosterone levels, however, have been brought up in discussion of many of the maladies that men suffer as they get older and, for some men, this may be a supplement to consider.

The Best Supplement

While basic vitamins, minerals and other compounds will certainly boost your erection quality, utilizing a top-quality proprietary blend has a ton of benefits. Yet, the market is saturated with tons of pills like this, many of which are poor quality, so it can be hard to tell what is the real deal.

From our experience and research, VigRxPlus is a fantastic product and will produce the desired effect of stronger erections. Additionally, you will notice that this products elicits an overall boost in libido and male enhancement—welcomed benefits for the man looking to improve his sex life.

There are a number of reason VigRxPlus is an awesome product. The first reason is because they use natural, reputable supplements known to boost erection quality and libido. These include a number of well-known libido enhancers including the aforementioned Ginseng. Additionally, VigRxPlus includes:

Epimedium Leaf Extract (Horny Goat Weed): Horny Goat Weed is proving to be one of the most powerful erection boosting supplements because it mimics PDE-5 inhibition—the process that products like Cialis use. Horny Goat Weed has been used for many years in Asia as a potent sex booster, and only now Western medicine is beginning to realize its amazing properties.

Gingko Biloba: This supplement has a wide-variety of benefits and is used not only for libido, but also to facilitate mental clarity and focus. Numerous studies have definitely shown that Gingko Biloba has a positive impact on erectile dysfunction, which is why it serves as a major facet of this proprietary blend.

Saw Palmetto: This supplement plays a vital role in sexual health, and is often prescribed as a treatment for prostate health. It contributes to enhanced erections by calming the smooth muscle tissue in the genitalia leading to increased blood flow.

Damiana (Turnera Aphrodisiaca): This plant is indigenous to Latin America, and served natives as a reliable libido boosting product, enhancing erection quality and increasing the strength of male orgasms.

Muira Pauma Bark Extract: Clinical trials have shown that this extract overwhelmingly supports its ability to powerfully boost sex drive and help impotent erections when taken daily.

Catuba Bark Extract: Found in the depths of the Amazon, Catuba bark has been used by tribal men as a libido booster by dilating bloods vessels, increasing overall circulation to the genitals. And lastly, it’s important that a product has a well-known medical professional who is willing to put their name behind the product. Dr. Steven Lamm, who gained his notoriety on ‘The View’ wholly endorses this product.

And lastly, it’s important that a product has a well-known medical professional who is willing to put their name behind the product. Dr. Steven Lamm, who gained his notoriety on ‘The View’ wholly endorses this product.

We suggest you get this product and take it twice per day—the guidelines recommended by the manufacturer. The reason it is consumed twice daily, as opposed to just before sex, is because its ingredients work to increase your overall libido, and will additionally enhance erection quality when the time comes.

Learning More

There are plenty of other promising supplements out there and some men might want to look at them if they’re having trouble getting an erection or, if they can get an erection, it’s just not hard enough and can’t be maintained.

It might also be useful to look at common culprits behind physiological problems, such as diet, level of exercise, mental state and so forth and to see if those could be causing issues. In some cases, a good men’s multivitamin might make up for dietary deficiencies that could lead to several different types of problems.

Make sure you check the actual amount of any supplement you buy contained in each individual dosage as it’s packaged. You’ll need this information to make sure you’re taking it according to whatever guidelines you’re following. If you get a high quality supplement, know how much of it is included in each capsule, drop or however else it’s taken, you can experiment and figure out what might work for you in getting harder erections.

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