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Better Than Tongue and Fingers: 5 Sex Toys Men Should Try on Their Partners

Sex Toys Men Should Try

Many people use sex toys for different sexual pleasure and health benefits. In fact, studies show that the use of vibrators during sexual activities is common to men and women in the US. These studies further assert that 45% of men and 53% of women who are using sex toys are between 18 and 60. Hence, the industry of sex toys in the country has been successful up until today. 

Sex Toys Men Should Try

During sex, a man usually takes the lead along the way. It’s an act of being a gentleman to his woman lying on the bed, patiently waiting for him with an overwhelming sexual thirst. His goal isn’t only to satisfy himself but to give sexual satisfaction to his partner. By nature, a true man feels pleasure and a sense of fulfillment when they achieve their goal. 

Sexual foreplay is an exciting part of sex. This time, a man should show his sexual faculty that he can give his partner a pleasure without his dick inside her yet. With the help of sex toys, a man can surely attain what he aims during pre-sex. Using sex toys during lovemaking with your woman, it’ll surely make sex more exciting and fun. Hence, read the details below about the different sex toys men should try to their sexual partners. Ladies will surely enjoy both the various sex benefits and pleasure at the same time.


Most dildos don’t vibrate on their own. However, some manufacturing companies have already produced dildos that have a vibrating feature. Although most of the manufactured dildos are phallic-shaped, other designs have been made available in the market today. It’s to respond to different users’ preferences and needs.

Generally, dildos are used for sexual penetration during vaginal sex, anal sex, and fellatio or oral sexual activity. Many couples use these dildos to enjoy sex even more, and even singles use them during masturbation. Hence, these are the best tools men can use in helping their partners reach the orgasm and the sexual satisfaction they want. 

There are various types of dildos in the market that men can choose based on their preferences and curiosity to explore their partners’ bodies. Standard dildos are single-ended and look almost the same as the penis based on its shape and function. Textured dildos offer a particular sensation to women, depending on the manufacturing materials of the product.

Some textured dildos have waves, ripples, or veins on the body, and come with a big head. Double-ended dildos have a feature of two heads at both ends. It allows the user to experience double penetration in the same hole, or in both holes, offering a new way for couples to experience pleasure together.

Clitoris Vibrator

The clitoris is an outer part of vagina that’s also a woman’s pleasure area. It doesn’t participate in the procreation process, but it plays a vital part in giving a woman pleasure. Some women can’t reach their orgasm while having only internal stimulation. That’s why external aids can be of great help. 

It’ll be better if men are knowledgeable on how to play with a woman’s clitoris and manipulate the power that a clitoris vibrator brings. This vibrator is a useful tool to stimulate a woman’s clitoris. There are also different shapes and sizes available in the market. 

G-Spot Vibrator

The G-spot is an area inside a woman’s vagina composed of sensitive nerves and tissues. It’s located between the vagina and the urethra, but it varies among women. Besides the clitoris, most women find the G-spot pleasurable. Every man must be an expert in finding his partner’s G-spot to give her the sexual pleasure and satisfaction she wants. 

To find that spot, you have to insert two fingers inside the vagina. You can sense a different texture on the vaginal wall, which feels like a patch of tissues or nerves. Every time you touch it, it’ll give a woman a pleasurable feeling. Hence, this is one of the targets men have during sexual foreplay, and the use of a G-spot vibrator will help them get their job done. 

There are different designs and sizes available in the market- even on the internet. Some have a curved tip to stimulate the pleasurable area easily. Other sex toy designs come in the form of an egg inserted into the vagina to sit on the woman’s G-Spot. 

If you have a girlfriend or a wife right now, you can try using this G-Spot vibrator to make your intimate sexual life more exciting. There are still other available G-Spot designs and sizes in the market that you might find interesting. You can also try taking a look at bboutique.co sex toys, where you’ll surely find one that best suits your partner. 

Rabbit Vibrator

Some women don’t usually reach their orgasm with internal stimulation only, so the clitoris vibrator does wonders for them. Others also find it hard to reach the peak if the G-spot isn’t located, so they resort to a G-spot vibrator. If a woman has both of these sexual problems, a rabbit vibrator might be best for her. It’s a device that stimulates the G-spot and the clitoris at the same time. 

A rabbit vibrator is another device that a man can use to help his sexual partner be prepared and stimulated to reach her peak. The device is a combination of internal and external stimulations that help a woman reach orgasm. 

Clit Suction Vibrator

A clit suction vibrator uses air suction and vibration elements, combined to reach the woman’s sexual peak. Using a clit suction vibrator is an effective way to intensify a woman’s clitoral orgasm while her partner is doing her on their bed. The device can be used during foreplay or penetration. 

This way, even if men haven’t ejaculated yet, women can reach multiple orgasms. It’s like a man eating his partner’s clitoris while he’s inside her, which is extremely pleasurable for women. 


Aside from cunnilingus and using your fingers to stimulate your partners’ vagina, men can try different sex toys available in the market to pleasure them. Besides the benefits that your woman can get, she’ll  surely enjoy the sexual pleasure sex toys can give. Not only will this make sex much more fun, it’ll also help you and your partner grow closer together and have a stronger bond.

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Written by Mark Greene

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