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How To Kiss Like A Grown-up: Simple Techniques For Great Kissing

Kissing, an exchange of affection genuine and true, the first step after meeting someone special. The first intimate contact before sex and a strong thermometer to measure the interaction and even the future of a relationship. After all, how can you go out with someone who doesn’t like kissing? The introduction, the flirting, the glances, the approach… are the perfect rehearsals for the longed-for lip contact.

kiss like no other

There are kisses with a lot or little tongue, peck kisses, slow kisses, fast kisses, light or strong kisses. The variety is great and everyone has their own way of doing it, right? There are some habits, forms and even position of the tongue however that can kill the excitement, interrupt the moment, and are more common among kissers than one might think.

Some people believe that there is no secret, that the whole process is “natural”, and that they have nothing more to learn about kissing – after all, they have been practising for years and already know all the possible techniques for kissing well.

But to what extent is this correct? There are many people who are bad at kissing according to the experienced escorts, and others who would like to improve their technique, so, for the sake of public well-being, we have to share some fundamental tips.

On top of everything else, kissing burns calories! Studies show that a passionate kiss with tongue can burn about 6 calories per minute. So, let’s get to work, or rather, let’s get lips to work!

With this in mind, Skokka will list some commandments for the ideal kiss whether it is with someone new, with an old partner, with a special friend or even with a hot escort in Liverpool.

Kiss like an adult

Balance is everything!

The first point could not be different, balance. Kissing is an activity where giving and receiving pleasure is done at the same time, which means that both must be on the same page for it to work. Feel the rhythm of the other person and make the necessary adaptations.

The tongue is a big player

The tongue doesn’t have to be sharp and invasive, but it doesn’t have to be a dead fish in the other person’s mouth either. Consider the important role of the tongue in this moment! Feeling and making gentle, adapting movements to the other person is the key.

Control salivation

There is nothing more unpleasant than drooling like a baby after a kiss. Although this can sometimes be a physiological reaction of the body, it is recommended to try to control it, either by changing position or even stopping the kiss for a few moments.

Kissing with other parts of the body

Move gently on the neck, the ear… hold hands or stroke the hair. During a kiss, it’s not just the mouth and tongue that work, all the senses are stimulated and influenced, so let it all flow and allow the whole of the body to interact in this special moment.

Details count!

The scent, the breath, the touch, the setting, all the details count to form the perfect kissing experience. So go for it!

Try to relax

Tension can kill the moment and it would be a shame to turn such a pleasurable experience into discomfort. Try to relax the neck and don’t let it get too stiff, as well as taking deep breaths whenever necessary.

Finish the kiss with a peck 

It may seem funny, but the famous peck at the end of the kiss is almost a rule. It’s a good way to show that one likes what’s happened and to let the mood dissipate slowly, without a radical interruption.

Points of attention that should not be forgotten

Beware of biting

A light bite on the lips can increase the pleasure of the moment, but the opposite is true; biting too hard can not only hurt the partner but ruin the whole experience. So if in doubt, don’t do it.

Leaving marks on the neck is a red flag

Although it has already been said that kissing can and should explore other areas of the body, this does not mean that marks can be left. It is usually very ugly and unpleasant to do so and can make the other person angry.

Be careful with bad breath

This is a worldwide, universal and immutable rule. Hygiene comes first and its absence can also mean the absence of enjoyment.

Don’t force it

For kissing to be a meaningful and beautiful experience, it has to come naturally. That said, there is no place for forcing it if the situation doesn’t flow.

A good, hot kiss is not synonymous with guaranteed sex, but it’s halfway there. The main thing is to feel the other person, adapt to their movements, desires and know where the contact is going.

So, when it comes to living this experience, put aside foolishness, practice our tips and techniques with the best escorts and be happy! The best kiss is the one in which both partners feel good, comfortable and want to enjoy every second.

What do you think?

Written by Mark Greene

Mark Greene is writer and life coach dedicated to helping men to perform at peak level. He shares dating advice, style tips and strategies for building wealth and success.