How To Increase Sex & Physical Intimacy In Your Relationship

While other men are great at physical intimacy, another bunch is very shy and poor at sexual expression. It does not matter whether you are straight or gay, but the fear of physical intimacy will cause your love and affection to tail off.

According to a report published in the New England Journal of Medicine, physical intimacy demonstrated a decline with age. With practice, you can maximize your potential of increasing your intimacy as you age. Physical intimacy is a very vital component in your sexual health. It offers a great opportunity to deepen your affection. Couples experiencing declining physical intimacy are often stressed up and uncomfortable.

Physical affection or sex renders many partners vulnerable as they open up and a mistake would hurt so badly unlike it would if it occurred somewhere else.

physical intimacy

"Physical intimacy is a very vital component in your sexual health. It offers a great opportunity to deepen your affection..."

Therefore, building your physical intimacy is very important to avoid harboring a strain on your relationship.

How Do You Increase Your Physical Intimacy with Your Partner?​

There are diverse ways to practice and build your physical intimacy. It requires determination, practice, and courage and you will be good at it soon. Allow yourself time to see and nurture the growth of your physical affection.

Follow these tips below and improve your sex and physical intimacy:

Stay Happy and Healthy: it will reflect on your partner

Your physical and emotional health matters a lot in improving your physical intimacy.

Good hygiene is a must and cannot be overlooked. For instance, no matter how romantic you may be, if you stink you’ll be a no go zone for girls. Hit the gym if you want to tone and wear something fitting. Working on your overall fitness has a positive effect on your impressiveness and ability to engage in pleasing physical affection.

Deal with all the sources of stress in your life and get to an emotional balance. Stress greatly reduces the enjoyment of your moments of affection. If you exercise regularly it will make you feel better and experience a satisfied sensation ensuring you maintain the right mood. Also, don’t feel shy talking to others about any mental or stress-related issues affecting you.

Seek professional advice if whatever you are dealing with is beyond you.

Kiss as a Display of Passion

Kissing your partner is a notch higher than just holding hands, hugging and cuddling.

Kissing is always a big moment and a sure way to display love and affection.

A kiss conveys a special message that you are desired and cared for. Make your kisses have a meaning behind them. According to an article published on the Huffington post, kissing is regarded as the foundation of a romantic relationship. Once you kiss your partner is when you realize it is not hard to do it. So don’t put so much effort on the kiss but concentrate your energy on creating a delightful moment of pure leisure.

If you seek to build your physical affection then you should begin treating a kiss as fun, enjoyable, and as a symbol of affection.​

Be Playful

The opportunity of engaging in physical intimacy with your partner should not be provoking – but if it is, you two need to sit down and have a long discussion together.

That moment of affection should be a chance to have good time together in a light and playful manner. Teasing your partner is another way to lighten the mood. You could try things like tickling while cuddling, smooching, kissing or withhold kisses during smooching sessions.

When teasing is performed gently and in a considerate manner, it greatly imbues any act of physical affection with amusing passion.​

Hold Hands as a Sign of Intimacy

Holding hands sounds innocent and childish to experienced Casanovas, but it is a unique way to show affection especially in places where inappropriate displays may not be allowed.

Holding hands is considered a decent way to display affection in places with a public audience. Making out in such places is considered obscene.

The gesture works well when squeezed in a crowded car or bench since sensual acts may be impractical in such situations. Hand holding may not be the best way to display affection it is one of the most used and widely adopted gesture.

Check out this video:​

Engage in Activities that Facilitate Closeness

If you are not certain about getting so close with your partner, start slowly and rise on the way. Engaging in activities that pull you close is a great way to ease the tension of getting physically affectionate with your partner.

Having the ability to engage in such activities is a sure way to even start other intimate activities. Try cuddling together while watching a movie, riding a motorcycle, jet ski, etc. that requires the two of you to coil up together.

A slight touch even when seated with your legs touching your partner is more intimate than just not doing anything.​

Appreciate Cuddling

When you feel comfortable being in your partner’s delight, both of you will naturally feel amused and begin to cuddle and smooch.

physical intimacy

Relaxing as you appreciate your partner is a great way to spend time together building and strengthening the bond of your relationship. These simple acts of love, in turn, will improve your relationship and increase your intimacy.

Don’t feel it is a waste of time cuddling with your lover on the couch. It may reach a time when your relationship has grown and both of you are busy and you lack a time for such sensual cuddling.

Don’t allow yourself to treat regrets in the future.​

Become Comfortable Showing Your Intimacy Step by Step

If you haven’t explored the entire landscape of physical affection with your lover, don’t try too much or go to deeper extents.

Take your time and grow your experience and soon you’ll become a master in this area. It is easier to build a strong physical intimacy with your partner while learning and growing along the way.

Small yet meaningful displays of affection will eventually grow to bigger and pleasant ways of affection. The emotions involved in physical intimacy are very strong and real. So there is no need to rush into deep forms of physical affection until you are very okay with the less intense ones.

Once you are able to perform both small and deep forms of physical intimacy you will have improved your overall relationship.​

In conclusion...

Improving physical intimacy and reducing the fear of physical intimacy requires ample training in a proper manner. Physical affection is one area in a relationship where you don’t want to underperform. Through hard work and regular practice, you will eventually rock in the bed and make your partner want you more.

These 7 tips if carefully followed will help you unlock your true potential of physical intimacy. All you need is to plan well and take your time to practice and perfect your affection forms. Women will always hang around you if you maintain an acceptable level of physical intimacy and express your affection for them in the right way.

Written by Terrence Kennedy

Terrence Kennedy is the man’s man on a journey to self-discovery. A traveler, extreme sports aficionado, an observant wanderer, a DIY-Know-How, an ultimate outsider and a documentarist of culture, sex, dating, relationship, fashion, style and gentleman's etiquette. He has learned a lot through his escapades, and is happy to pass that knowledge on to you.