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Seven Sex Toys Every Couple Should Try

Seven Sex Toys for Couples

There’s this preconception that sex toys are just for girls, and although there are men sex toys available on the market, they are still frowned upon. But what many people don’t realize is that the sex shops are putting at our disposal lots of sex toys for couples. It might be odd for a vanilla couple to introduce sex toys in the bedroom, but the result is guaranteed to be satisfying for both partners. At the same time, introducing sex toys in the bedroom is one of the ways of spicing up your sex life. We all know that after a while, couples are falling into a lovemaking routine, which is the reason for which partners lose interest in intimacy. If you want to step up your game in the bedroom, we’ve created a short guide on the most fun sex toys for couples.  

Sex Toys

1. The Magic Wand

I do believe that every woman should own a magic wand. You’ve sure saw magic wands on all the great porn sites. Originally intended to alleviate back pain through massage vibration, ladies found a better use of this powerful vibrator. And it’s also a sex toy that can be easily introduced in the bedroom as it doesn’t look dirty at all. It’s just an oversized microphone, but it does the trick for any girl. At the same time, you can buy accessories with it, which will also make it fun for you. Using the Oz Magic Wand is the easiest way to offer your partner Earth-shattering orgasms.

You can also check the Hitachi magic wand if you are from UK from the Hitachi magic wand official website in the UK.

2. Penis Rings

The penis rings are exactly what their name suggests. They are rings that go at the base of the shaft, offering a tightness sensation which will help men keep a harder erection for longer. But there are variations of this sex toy that makes it great for both him and her. I’m talking about the vibrating penis rings, which come with a bullet vibrator attach to it. At full penetration, this vibrator is touching the clitoris, and I guess you can imagine what’s happening next.

3. Sex Ramps and Pillows

Hard to get the perfect angle in that new position you want to try with your partner? Then you should buy a sex ramp or a sex pillow. This will help your partner assume the perfect position, and you won’t have to stuff a regular pillow under her lower back or abdomen. On top of that, sex ramps are an awesome first sex shop purchase, because they aren’t dirty at all, and they can get your partner used with the idea of using products from the sex shop in the bedroom.

4. Bondage Kits

Every woman has a bondage fantasy these days. It might be because of 50 Shades of Grey, which normalized it, but the chances are that your lady might want to be tied down and dominated. However, getting into rope bondage is a long journey, and if you’re not trained in this art, you can end up hurting your partner. If you’ve never tried bondage before, you should buy a bondage kit from the sex shop. It comes with cuffs for both hands and feet, most of which are made out of Velcro, which allows you to easily restrain your partner and set her free when she shouts the safe word. The bondage kits are also coming with things such as blindfolds and even satin leashes.

5. Sex Benches

If your girlfriend finds it tiering to be on top, you should think about getting her a sex bench. The sex bench is excellent for couples over 45, who are finding it hard to have sex with the same physical intensity as when they were younger. A sex bench looks a lot like a small stool, but the sitting part is made out of two elastic bands with a whole in the middle. The elastic bands are helping the partner who is on top bounce easily, with no physical effort, which makes any cowgirl position more enjoyable for both partners.  

These are just some of the many toys you can try in the bedroom, and once you introduced the first one, it will be like you’re opening Pandora’s box. Your girl will be more opened to new experiences. Maybe you can even start watching adult movies together and learn new ways of using your sex toys. But just like with toys, you should start introducing porn slowly into your sex life. It’s better to start her off with something funny, like a Minecraft porn game, and only then explore sex tube sites live VPorn. Have fun and remember to have safe sex.

Want to add more spice to your sex life? Penis sleeves don’t just add length and girth; they can also add texture and vibrators for a more intense roll in the sheets. These sex toys were originally marketed to help men with erectile dysfunction achieve and maintain longer erections during sexual intercourse. But now, these have also become toys for pleasure. With a penis sleeve, you and your partner can live out your deepest fantasies and reignite your passion in the bedroom.

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Written by Mark Greene

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