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3 T-shirt Print Trends Dominating in 2024

Ever since the first t-shirt was formally manufactured somewhere between 1898 and 1913, more than two billion have been sold worldwide every year according to the Huffington Post. While fashion trends can change in the blink of an eye, the humble t-shirt is one of only a few items of clothing that has a seemingly timeless appeal as far as men’s fashion is concerned. As a t-shirt is considered a staple in any wardrobe, you can own as many as you desire – guilt free. Although classic prints and colors will undoubtedly be considered a good buy at any given time, there are always a few interesting annual trends that are worth exploring

3 T-shirt Print Trends Dominating 2019

Abstract drawings are considered cool

There has been a significant increase in the popularity of t-shirts sporting quirky, geometrical drawings that make use of both the color schemes and styles from the nineties. Various shades of the primary colors (blue, yellow and red) blend together exceptionally well, particularly when coupled with cool linework and quirky patterns. The biggest appeal about shirts with abstract drawings on them is that you have almost unlimited choice. You can choose to shop for your shirts online, take a trip to the mall, or design and print your own unique apparel at home. If you have access to a computer and heat press and possess a decent amount of creativity, you can even consider starting your own t-shirt design company to showcase your own striking fashion sense.

Bold colors are very popular

Bold colors and large graphics are a hit again this year, with a number of haute couture fashion houses, including Versace and the new kid on the block, Stussy. While black, and shades of dark blue and grey still have a prominent place on both the catwalk and on the high street, bright primary colors, full-shirt logos and graphics, and even tie-dye are skyrocketing in popularity. Comic book characters, bizarre artwork, and birds and other natural elements are among some of the most popular t-shirt graphics you will find this year, with extra style points being given if the graphic is printed on a brightly-colored shirt.

Patchwork t-shirts are making a comeback

Patchwork t-shirts are fast becoming as popular now as they were in the 70s. Patchwork t-shirts are fundamentally shirts that feature a color block design in either complementary or contrasting colors. Although labels such as Lacoste have made a name for themselves with their patchwork golfers years ago, the 2019 patchwork shirt looks best with a round or scoop neck. Depending on the ultimate design and range of colors you choose, you will be able to pull off both a classic look and a very contemporary one with ease.

T-shirts have been one of the most popular (and functional) items of men’s clothing for more than a century, and will undoubtedly continue to be so for a long time. With the trends always changing, it is virtually impossible not to find a style and color that appeals to your own unique fashion sense.

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Written by Mark Greene

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