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Top 30 Best Online Clothing Stores For Men

Men’s fashion is a constant evolution, it battles between stubborn stalwarts of the pre-millennials and the influences of modern consumerism to try and find a thread of uniqueness which can make a brand stand out.

best online clothing stores for men

"Men’s fashion is a constant evolution..."

Below I have listed the best retailers who are leading the fight for fashion. Some of these sartorial warriors are household names who keep true to themselves and don’t need to change (Ralph Lauren), others are the front runners of experimental fashion, looking to change the way we dress (Overkill).

Top 30 Men’s Online Clothing Stores 2016

High Fashion

No Man Walks Alone

Price Range (Under $1,885) USP: Outwear Age Range: mid 20s to mid 40s

The men’s fashion retailer dons the motto “Resist the masses. Invest in substance. No man walks alone”, an apt mantra for a company whose high quality and wonderful craftsmanship portrays an air of luxury with undertones of a family feel.

The unusually named vendor, which draws inspiration from a line said by Humphrey Bogart to Audrey Hepburn in the 1954 Romantic Comedy Sabrina, exudes a relaxed luxury not often found in most high fashion brands.

I would liken their style to the reserved confidence of real, down to earth fashion which accompanies there non-designer labels brands which have stood the test of time.

Favourite Piece: Light Wrinkles Dawn M51 coat ($873.75 )

Light Wrinkles Dawn M51 coat
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Mr. Porter

Price Range: Under $37,125 USP: Watches, Age Range: mid 20s-timeless

Arguably Mr Porter is the best known name in the men’s retailer game.

The extremely clean cut website design and sleek interface reflects the company in every manner, from its genuinely gorgeous selection of high end cashmeres to the delectably decadent fine watch selection which ranges from $1,095 to $37,125. Wherever you scroll on the site you see expertly crafted items, all with a price tag to match.

This industry leader, with over 300 leading brands to choose from, also creates The MR PORTER Post, a journal collating the years’ expert advice and tips for the more serious fashionistas.

Favourite Piece: Leather Trimmed Suede Holdall-Maison Margiela ($1,465)

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Matches Men

Price Range:Under $7,884 Age Range: teens-40s. USP: range of design

Matches is luxury incarnate, it offers the best selection of luxury items without going bespoke.

The website deserves honorable mention as well as the brand as it’s’ ease of use and easily navigable pages make purchasing high-priced pocket squares much easier. The established company houses thousands of products, and has wonderful eclectic range to lose yourself in for a few hours.

Their decision to not just stock household names like Saint Lauren and Gucci, but promote emerging brands as well adds to this element of wide-ranging wonder.

Favourite Piece: Leather Sleeved Biker Coat- Givenchy ($4,111)

Leather Sleeved Biker Coat- GivenchyClick Here To Learn More


Price Range: Under $30,655, Age Range: mid twenties to mid 40s, USP: Website presentation

This Canadian e-commerce fashion retailer certainly goes against the grain with how it portrays itself.

A combination of bright flashing photos and a GIF guide (yep a GIF guide, the way you see what crazy things cats are doing this week) takes you through the fantastic, albeit not massively diverse, wears they stock.

The Montreal based business holds some wonderfully simple items curated fromtop brands like Balmain and Fendi and seems to add a certain elegance to such simplicity.

If I to sum this brand up in two words, they would be Uniquey Simple.

Favourite Piece: Black Band Collar Blazer- Ann Demeulemeester ($1,445)

Black Band Collar Blazer- Ann Demeulemeester
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Luisa via Roma

Price Range:Under $29,900 Age Range: teens-early 30s USP: Unique collection

This quite classically European distributor is a fantastic hub for all things luxury.

They not only stock the house names of high fashion, like Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana and Alexander McQueen, but they also have unique stock of specially designed items from the likes of Converse, Delfina Delettrez, Dior Homme and many more, who create Luisaviaroma exclusives.

Another lovely aspect from such a high end retailer is the level of their sales. You can often get beautiful winter coats for 50% off, that may still me around $7,000 dollars, but still.

Favourite Piece: Double Breasted Shearling Coat- Dsquared2 ($5,355)

Double Breasted Shearling Coat- Dsquared2
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Urban Wear


Price range; Under $1125 Age Range: Teens Late twenties USP: sneakers

Kith calls New York City home and reflects the city’s exuberant and quintessentially urban vibe with some of the best urban brands there are.

They house everything from Jordans to Riviera, and seamlessly present their products in as natural a way as possible, so to best show what the clothes actually look like. The 5 year old company (established in 2011) also maintain some great edgy look books to draw inspiration from.

This combined with their blog finishes off a near perfect website, granting you all the freedom for your streetwear choices.

Favourite Piece: Nike Air Max 1 Ultra Moire – Black / Red / Dark Grey / White- ($130)

Nike Air Max 1 Ultra MoireClick Here To Learn More


Price Range: Under$3,510 Age Range: teens-late 20s. USP:Boots

Notre is a Chicago-established urban store which has risen quickly among the ranks of urban fashion shops.

This quick ascension can be attributed to its varied selection of attire; ranging from Visvim to the relatively rare Hender Scheme. The mix of styles lend itself to the quite general relaxed feel found within side its self-proclaimed “cozy” loft-like home base in Chicago.

The standout aspect of the entire store is the incredible boot selection they hold, promoting well-built quality and containing names like Viberg. When they perfect the suggested outfit feature, the site will truly be brilliant.

Favourite Piece: Service Boot in Tobacco Chamois- Viberg ($700)

Service Boot in Tobacco Chamois- VibergClick Here To Learn More

The Hundreds

Price Range: Under $200, Age range-late teens-mid 30s USP: Our brand is awesome

This household name of urban retailers was founded in 2003 and in its 12 years of street-style involvement, having initially started out as an online magazine; it hasn’t dropped the ball once.

The modern The Hundreds boasts a pretty awesome selection of items, with their snapback range being something to behold. My favourite feature of the site is the blog-store hybrid it’s an element of depth to the fashion you see.

Their reasonable prices and bright array of colourful pieces make it a street-style haven.

Favourite Piece: The Pass Pullover Hooded Sweatshirt ($80

The Pass Pullover Hooded Sweatshirt
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Lemar and Dauley

Price Range:Under $150 Age Range:teens-late 20s USP: Unique designs

This work hard-play hard brand has one of the most committed and unwavering groups of fans, and with their uniquely grungy yet colourful apparel you can see why.

The brand originated in New York, but soon grew into the international brand we see today. Scrolling through the hundreds of items really shows that this truly urban-styled retailer, which is almost too New York, epitomises the rough round the edges urban style.

If I were to recommend one line of items to explore on their website, it would be their 5-panel snapbacks, they’re both extremely well crafted and aweseomely designed.

Favourite Piece: 3M Reflective Panel Camper ($36)

3M Reflective PanelClick Here To Learn More


Price Range: Under $800, Age Range: teens-late 20s USP: Brilliant style

It should be absolutely no surprise that supreme is on this list.

The New York skater brand dates back to downtown Manhattan in the 1994, and has dominated the skater, hip-hop fashion conscious ever since.

The iconic company has become a figurehead for authenticity and high quality, with Supreme always looking to work with designers, artists and all kinds of creatives who are on the cutting edge.

This search for authentic originality results in clothes and accessories which have influenced a generation.

Favourite Piece: Quilted Flight Satin Parka ($429)

Quilted Flight Satin Parka
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High Street


Price Range: Under $800 Age Range: early teens- mid 30s, USP: variety

The self-proclaimed ‘One stop fashion destination’ boasts a ridiculous volume and range of clothes and accessories.

They have over 500 pairs of jeans alone! They wonderfully mix urban wear, classic men’s fashion and simple contemporary clothes to form online marketplace for almost anything you want.

The range in price and fantastic sales have to be by far the biggest benefits of visiting the site. There is always some sale on and the reductions they have are nothing to be sniffed at.

My top tip would be, if there is a more expensive item on the sight which you really love, wait. It won’t be too long before it’s on sale.

Favourite Piece: Velour Sweatshirt-Religion ($90)

Velour Sweatshirt-Religion
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Price Range: Under $500, Age Range: early teens-mid 30s, USP: affordability

Topman, alongside its sister store Topshop, has become the embodiment of high street fashion, the go to for everyday wears and bargain deals.

Although in more recent years Topman has strayed from what made it so popular, reasonable prices for reasonable clothes, and has opted for charging as much as they dare for items which simply aren’t worth it, they remain a staple for any penny conscious purchaser. Much like ASOS,

Topman put on frequent sales which always house at least a bargain or two.

Favourite Piece: Gold Coin Necklace ($17)

Gold Coin Necklace
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Urban Outfitters

Price Range: Under $500, Age Range: early teens-late 20s, USP: price

Urban Outfitters has received lots of attention over the years, most good, but some bad.

What’s good about the store is that it stocks some genuinely unique items and just feels cool, what’s bad is that there price is not always reflected in the quality.

However, with a wide range of streetwear brands and some pretty awesome novelty gifts, it’s not a bad place at all to shop.

There range of graphic t-shirts is particularly good.

Favourite Piece: Riot Society Ornate Buck Tee ($28)

Riot Society Ornate Buck Tee
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Price range: under $2250, age range: late 20s-late50s usp: sales

Gilt is the ultimate stop for getting your basics. There range of essentials is second to none, both in terms of value for money and design.

Unlike most discount stores, Gilt has a reasonably upscale feel to it. I suppose when you’re cutting the price of brands like Jack Spade it’s going to have a certain high-fashion feel.

Gilt’s frequent sales, which can often climb above 70%, make it one of the best places to go to grab a deal on some items you may not always be able to afford.

Favourite Piece: Leather Weekend Bag- Jack Spade ($236, $790)

Leather Weekend Bag- Jack Spade
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American Apparel

Price:Under $200 age:teens-late 20s usp:basics range

This very American retailer is both renowned and proud to stock some of the best tees produced in the US, focussing on both retro and modern basic styles.

I toyed with putting them in the Home Grown section below, but couldn’t quite bring myself to knock one of the others out of the list. American Apparel don’t push the boat out with design and don’t win any awards for creativity, but what they do, they do well.

The subtle quality embroidered into each one of their garments means that when you but a top from this US powerhouse, it will certainly last a while.

Favourite Piece: Leopard Print Cap ($15)

Leopard Print Cap
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Home Grown

Union LA

Price: under $3000, age: late 20s-40s usp:high quality

The beautifully clean cut site reflects and aesthetic which carries through the entire brand of the retailer, which curates a great collection of brands.

The crisp white background allows the creativity and vibrancy of the items jump out of the screen, screaming both quality and distinctiveness.

Union LA have genuinely, using their catch phrase, “been keepin’ you fly since1989”, especially with their ultra-high-quality selection of sweatshirts.

Favourite Piece: College Design Crew Neck 02 ($312)

College Design Crew Neck 02
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Ralph Lauren

Price:Under $6000 age range:babies-late as you want USP: tradition

Old Ralphy has become so much more than just a brand, more than just high quality clothes, more than just polos and posh people, it has become a part of an entire class sector of American culture.

The aim of so many people is to be able to wear a Ralph Lauren shirt or to smell of their cologne. The man himself epitomises everything about the brand; class, excellence, tradition.

If you want those three characteristic in your wardrobe, then Ralph Lauren needs to be your port of call.

Favourite Piece: Classic Fit Long Sleeve Polo ($98.50)

Classic Fit Long Sleeve Polo
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Price:/under $500 age:20s usp:quality

Yet another New York brand with exceptional ingenuity and creativity.

As you roam around the blog styled site you get the overbearing feeling that this company was started out of a need to produce something great. The company’s

Philosophy page outlines how they strive for a creation of value not wealth, a unique take on the inherently consumerist industry, but a refreshing take.

There outwear is as awesome as you would imagine, although trying to see a coat un-edited is tough-going.

Favourite Piece: Freeshell Jacket ($395)

Freeshell Jacket
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Price: under$100 age: late 20s-?, USP:well-crafted

This old old old Massachusetts shoe makers is a must view.

Since 1884 the company has been churning out great shoe after great shoe, and although there website is rather dated and they do have that old school tone to them, that’s part of the charm.

Buying an Alden Oxford is like buying a piece of New England history. The company is so focused on quality that they have page dedicated to explaining just how the quality is achieved.

Favourite Piece: Suede Loafer($645)

suede loaferClick Here To Learn More

Thom Browne

Price: Under $5,000 Age: 30s< USP: Classic design and quality

Often touted as one of the best menswear brands of all time, Thom Browne is a must know for any fashionista, male or female.

A company which completely altered the way we see men’s formal fashion, it boasts an unusual selection of attire, from Victorian inspired evening wear to what I can only describe as hobo chic, you can certainly experiment with these guys.

While they may have become famous for their suits and shirts, for me it is there eye-wear which steels the show, the remodeling of classic glasses exudes modern class.

Favourite Piece: Sunglasses ($550)

Sunglasses Thom BrowneClick Here To Learn More

Engineered Garments

Price:under $1000 age:20s USP:design

This American brand, founded by Japanese-born American designer Daiki Suzuki, creates some of fashion most loved aesthetics; it is one of the most revered and loved ‘simplicity brands’, meaning their designs aren’t hugely outlandish, but have a subtlety which somehow highlights great creative input.

While they don’t have an online shop themselves, they stock others with their wears, when looking through such wears, notice how awesome the parkas are.

Favourite Piece: Highland Parka Olive ($650.90)

Highland Parka OliveClick Here To Learn More


Suit Supply

Price:Under $1500 age: mid twenties-30s USP; value for money

This well-known sartorial provider claims to combine craftsmanship with flair, and given that suits are one of the most guarded pieces of clothing by the proponents of traditional fashion, managing to develop suits with flair is difficult.

Yet, when you look down the page at the coffee coloured pure cotton three-piece, you can see they put the money where their mouth is.

There are so many stand out features of this business, but the most prominent has to be the value for money. Check my favourite out to see what I mean.

Favourite Piece: Hudson Brown Plain ($599)

Hudson Brown Plain
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Brooks Brothers

Price: under $3000 age:30s< USP: quality

This 197 year old suit specialist is something special, not just because of the quality of fabric, or the creative design or anything like that.

It’s the people which make it so special. The company has a strong belief in ethical behaviour and a social purpose which dates back to its founding nearly 200 years ago.

This attention to giving back and taking care of more than just business stands Brooks Brothers apart as fashion brand. If that doesn’t interest you than take a look at their clothes and you’ll soon want a tartan tuxedo for yourself.

Favourite Piece: Regent Fit Tartan Velvet Dinner Jacket ($448.50)

Regent Fit Tartan Velvet Dinner Jacket

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Price<$200 Age: any USP: bespoke

Solosso is Swiss-led Singaporean company who works to items uniquely tailored to a person’s preferences.

The idea is that you provide them with your measurements and they produce a tailor made shirt, perfect for you. Everything about the shirt is up to your discretion; material, style, size and details.

You can even have your monogram on the shirt.

Favourite Piece: Go and design your own favourite.

Click Here To Learn More


Price: Under $5,000 Age: 20s-40s USP: high quality variety

Nordstrom have been around for a century and for most of that, they have been bossing it.

Their near unrivaled collection of awesome brands make navigating their exhaustive website enjoyable. Their belief that fashion is the business of optimism is mirrored in how they present themselves.

Everything they do is an attempt to improve the shopping experience and create a fun hub for fashion. While the clothes they stock are incredible, their eye-wear section is incredible, housing my favourite company of the last few years, Shwood.

Favourite Piece: Canby Select 54mm Wood Glasses-Shwood ($325)

Canby Select 54mm Wood Glasses-ShwoodClick Here To Learn More


Need Supply Co.

Price: under $500 Age: 20s-30s USP: Independent brands

What makes this brand so special and unique is that it favours stocking independent brands, brands you may not have heard of, but soon will.

If you choose to take a look at this site, and I suggest you do, you will no doubt find not only something you love, but also something which makes you question why no one else is doing it.

For me, what Need Supply Co. nail more than anything else is there watch selection, which comprises of some affordable and pretty classic looking beauties.

Favourite Piece: Winston Regal ($100)

Winston Regal
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Price: Under $500 Age: 20-30s USP british heritage

Boden is a brilliantly British brand which oozes English heritage and class.

The tweed jackets, classic oxford shirts and bright jumpers are enough by themselves to make you want to look like a British gent. Boden is unwavering in its approach to their fashion, they don’t try anything to fancy, and they don’t try to be the most cutting edge or daring brand.

What Boden has done instead is perfect their niche, the preppy/posh look which works for men of all ages. Whether you’re 15 or 50, Boden’s range of smart looking, classic fitted garments will do you right.

Favourite Piece: Washed Oxford Shirt-White($68)

Washed Oxford Shirt-WhiteClick Here To Learn More

Traffic LA

Price:under $10,000 age:20s-40s usp:rocker

This brand falls into the unique category due to its rocker motif. The ridiculously high quality and awesomely designed leathers are a must see.

There slick black and white theme adds to the cool vibe which this brand emits. I could go on about the jackets for a while so all I’ll say is take a look!

Another highlight drawn from this awesome LA company is their vintage clothing section, which boasts some wildly lavish and brash colour schemes which could only have been dreamt of in the 80s.

The vintage section isn’t for everyone, but those of you who like it, will love it!

Favourite Piece: Nature Motif Shirt-Walter Van Beirendonck ($614.58)

Nature Motif Shirt-Walter Van Beirendonck
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Price:under Under $800 age:20s-30s usp:unique shoes and jackets

Now these guys are the big boys in the sneakers game. Not only are they fantastically creative, but they are also an awesome online presence.

The attention to detail they instil into the presentation of their products is like few others. They also stock some absolute classic trainers, if you thought old school was cool, you’re right, and you’ll certainly get your fill here.

Check out their Jordan’s selection, it is pretty cool.

Favourite Piece: Air Jordan 7 Retro “Sweater” ($194)

Favourite Piece Air Jordan 7 RetroClick Here To Learn More


Union Made Price: under $4000 price age:20s-40s usp: collection choices

Machus is probably my favourite site on this list, not just because of the awesome brands, the amazing brands or the ease of use, it’s because they present it to damn well.

The aesthetic nature alone makes it one of the best sites on the list. If you only have a few minutes to look at the site, then don’t, it will captivate you too much and you’ll lose hours of your day just exploring what they’ve got.

Machus’s top selection is a particular favourite of mine.

Favourite Piece: Loose Turtle Neck- Knomadik by Daniel Patrick ($120)

Loose Turtle Neck- Knomadik by Daniel Patrick
Click Here To Learn More


Price Range: Under $150 | Age Range: Kids to Adults | USP: Curated Pop Culture Graphic Tees

This independent clothing label was founded in Melbourne, Australia in 2014, and has since been serving incredibly designed pop culture-inspired graphic tees. What sets Threadheads apart from other similar labels is their commitment to premium quality.

Every shirt is printed in-house in their headquarters in Australia using OEKO-TEX-certified and CPSIA-compliant water-based ink pigments. Their T-shirts are also made from ethically sourced combed cotton, which is leagues softer than regular cotton and guilt-free too.

To top it off, their designs are made by the brand’s designers and members of their artist community, so every print is exclusively found on Threadheads. Plus, Threadheads ships worldwide. 

Favorite Piece: My Precious T-Shirt

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