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Don’t Settle for Second Best, Stay Warm When Biking Thanks to Givelo’s Thermal Grid Gilet

The GIVELO Thermal Grid Gilet is a great pickup for those long bicycle rides. For the uninitiated, a Gilet is basically a padded vest. “Don’t Settle” is the slogan chosen by GIVELO, and with this gilet, it’s easy to see why. So many little details have gone into what is on the surface a very simple piece of clothing. All of it means you can stay warm or cool, riding in comfort in a range of temperatures.


The fabric offers you UPF50+ protection, ensuring sunburn isn’t something you need to worry about. It also uses ultra-fast wicking technology to ensure any sweat is quickly moved away from the skin. With pockets on either side at the back, you can choose what is more comfortable for you to access items while riding. These pockets are also waterproof, ensuring any valuables are kept safe.

The two armholes feature an elastic edging that creates a seal around your shoulder. You won’t even notice this, but it will help create a bit of extra insulation and warmth, keeping the elements out. The Grid name comes from the structure of the insulated lining, which is exactly the thing keeping you warm during rides.

  • Waterproof pockets keep your valuables safe and secure while providing easy access
  • Water-repelling fabric will keep you going in minor wet conditions
  • UPF50+ technology helps prevent sunburns for the area the gilet covers
  • Heat-pressed logo gives additional visibility once the sun sets
  • A raised collar provides a touch of additional protection against the elements
Givelco’s Thermal Grid Gilet

This gilet is a pocket-friendly item that allows you to layer intelligently according to the conditions on the road. The raised collar is a nice touch, giving an extra bit of protection against the cold. Reflective logos help ensure you stay visible if you stay out too late.

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Written by Mark Greene

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