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Suited and booted – The essential types of suits every man should own

Wearing that same suit you wore for your first job interview and at a family wedding for a ‘formal attire,’ date night is a big no-no. Whether you like it or not, every man should have at least more than one suit in his wardrobe.

Essential types of suits every man

You may feel that suits aren’t a worthy investment if you’re never in one – but that all changes when you are days away from an occasion which requires you to get suited and booted. That’s why we’ve created this guide which depicts the essential suit types that every gentleman should own. 

Classic navy suit

One of the most crucial colours to have in your formal clothing inventory is navy blue – no wardrobe should be complete without a navy suit. You can wear a navy-coloured suit with a variety of shirts and ties from outlets like T.M. Lewin, making it suitable for practically any occasion. It’s not too dark or dull nor is it too bright and flashy – it’s just right and therefore is the perfect suit to wear for almost any occasion or event. Navy goes exceptionally well with brown shoes, though you may be able to get away with black if that’s all you have at your disposal.

Grey single-breasted suit

Most suits are single-breasted – it’s what we’d recommend for both a grey and a navy suit. In place of the traditional black suit, grey suits are a fantastic alternative that you can keep wearing and wearing for different occasions in many years to come. It could be argued that a grey suit simply has a lot more personality and charisma than the standard black suit does; plus, it can be worn with more than just a white shirt as pink and light blue go fairly well too.

Given that you can pair a grey suit with a variety of coloured shirts and suit accessories, it can fit comfortably in your wardrobe. Dark grey, charcoal and light greys all serve to make you look marvellous.

Patterned suit

If you only have suits in bold, plain-coloured suits and want something that has a little more character – but don’t want to go too bright and bold – a patterned suit is your best friend. The most common patterned suits are checked suits which have been extremely popular in recent years – a great pick for weddings and celebrations. Checked patterns can be small or faint lined and don’t have to be too bold. A striped, checked or plaid suit will allow you to stand out more and have more personality than a bold-coloured suit would.

Tuxedo/dinner suit

Although you generally won’t wear a tuxedo on a daily basis, when the occasion arises, you want to appear as if you belong at the formal dinner or party, and a tuxedo certainly achieves that look.

Double-breasted suit

It’s not extremely necessary to wear a double-breasted suit too often, but if you want to elevate your style now and then, there will be occasions when a little bravado is needed. A darker-coloured double-breasted suit works really well if you want some added attention. 

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Written by Mark Greene

Mark Greene is writer and life coach dedicated to helping men to perform at peak level. He shares dating advice, style tips and strategies for building wealth and success.