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The Fold That Holds, the Fluxcuf Admirals

Do you or someone you know wear dress shirts but experience frustration when the sleeves don’t stay in place when rolled or folded up? There has never been a solution for many men and even women who experience this frustration, until now. The Fluxcuf Admirals are made to be the easiest and simplest solution to this ever-evolving problem. 

Fluxcuf Admirals

The Fluxcuf Admirals do exactly what you think they would do, they keep your sleeves in place for a long workday, or even when you are out at a rooftop bar and want to look your best. When rolling and folding your shirts, the rest of the sleeve sometimes starts to crease, or even the folds, unfold. Rolling down and getting in your drink or in your way at work. The Fluxcuf Admirals work but clipping around your arm and keeping your sleeve in place. 

There are many other features of the Fluxcuf Admirals that make it the perfect solution to dress shirt problems; 

  • The Fluxcuf Admirals are made out of an elastic band that easily stretches around your arm, resting at a size of 2.75 inches, and can stretch up to an additional 2 inches. You won’t have to worry about the elastic cutting off circulation in your arm at all. 
  • If the dark navy blue of the Admirals won’t work for your dress shirts, Fluxcuf has many other color variations that will help your other dress shirts stay up the same way the Admirals would if you wore darker navy shirts. 
  • Many customers have found themselves to be repeat purchasers as the Fluxcuf does exactly what it sets out to do, while also the service from the company is something all customers are appreciative of. 

So if you are someone who likes to dress to the nine’s, prefers a pressed button-down to a t-shirt or v-neck, the Fluxcuf Admirals are a great additional purchase if your sleeves keep getting in the way every time you go to roll your sleeves.

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Written by Mark Greene

Mark Greene is writer and life coach dedicated to helping men to perform at peak level. He shares dating advice, style tips and strategies for building wealth and success.