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From the Office, to the Gym, Then Away for the Weekend, All With One Bag

You have your gym duffel, but it’s not really work-appropriate. Your laptop bag is great, but doesn’t fit much more than a few extra papers and a book. Your suitcase fits everything you need but is a bit much to wheel around for a simple weekend escape. Solution? The Essentials Duffel from WaterField Designs.

Essentials Duffel from WaterField Designs

WaterField has breathed new life into the duffel bag. Quite literally: they have added lightweight foam inserts into a regular duffel construction so that it stands up without slouching. Yet it’s just as light as a regular duffel, fits as much stuff, and has pockets that are quick to access. This transforms it into a bag you can take to the office, to the gym after work, and nip off for a cheeky weekend away, all in one bag.

  • Don’t worry about splashes or light rain on your trips, both the fabric and zipper are water-resistant
  • It’s easy to locate what you need inside the bag, the gold lining almost lights up giving you easy access
  •  Pockets you can easily identify, that make it easy to fish things out without looking
  • Versatile carry options – over the shoulder, held by a hand, or use the shoulder strap for a hands-free option
  • The design helps to re-distribute weight and make it easier to carry
  • High-quality materials throughout and quality construction mean this is a bag made to last for years
Essentials Duffel WaterField Designs

WaterField Designs is a small design studio based in San Francisco that has a singular focus: extremely well thought out bags made with style and quality materials. Their essentials range uses a less-is-more philosophy. The results are products made with great care and thought of how to give the maximum use without adding extra heft.

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Written by Mark Greene

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