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For Ultralight Organisation on the Trail, Pick Up the Beast28 Ultralight Technical Backpack

The last thing you want when you’re going on a hike is a bag that weighs you down while making it hard to find things. Neither of these can be considered positive attributes in any backpack, but especially so when you are on a long hike. On the trail, it really is all about functionality, and this is where the Beast28 Ultralight Technical Backpack excels.

Beast28 Ultralight Backpack

You’ll be surprised to learn that it actually had a built-in steel frame suspension system. However, this is vital to ensuring the backpack is flexible and provides superior comfort over long periods of time. It allows you to distribute the weight evenly and prevents excess pressure points. While not in use, you can twist and fold the frame, securing it into the compression sack that the backpack comes with.

  •  Lightweight at just 1lbs 8oz (680g) means you won’t be weighed down
  • Generous 28L volume to fit all the necessities for a hike
  • Made with high quality materials to withstand all terrains, like 210D Robic Nylon, 100D Nylon etc
  •  Coated with both UTS and PU coatings – providing double waterproofness and increasing tear strength by 30%
  • Can even fit a 14” laptop
  • Includes a hydration reservoir pocket, just add your own reservoir
Beast28 Ultralight Technical Backpack

Organisation has been thought of when designing this backpack. How annoying is it to rummage through looking for that muesli bar to keep you going? The Beast28’s main compartment has an asymmetrical clamshell zipper, what this means is that it’s easy to get to your larger items stored at the bottom of your pack.

A generous front pocket that goes all the way to the bottom of the pack provides ample storage space. A zippered pocket inside gives room for your smaller items, and finally any valuables can be stored in a small inside pocket that is on a keyloop. You’ll be hard-pressed to lose something!

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Written by Mark Greene

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