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Your MacBook Lasts Years, So Should Your Cover: Sandmarc MacBook Pro Sleeve is Here to Make it Happen

MacBook Pros are known for their longevity. They just keep on chugging on for years and years with no issues. The sleek aluminium casing ensures that even if they get dirty, cleaning is a simple task. You can get them looking brand new with ease. So why settle for a laptop sleeve that doesn’t stand the test of time?

Leather Edition - MacBook Pro Sleeve

Sandmarc’s Leather Edition of the MacBook Pro Sleeve in 16” is here to help achieve this. Made from full-grain leather, this sleeve will easily outlast your MacBook Pro. Through the years a beautiful patina will develop. It gives your sleeve a feeling of character, of adventures gone by. All the while protecting the precious cargo inside.

This sleeve is just as minimal as your Macbook Pro. With a simple stitch going around, and a no-frills opening for you to slide your Macbook Pro into. It’s a timeless design that will always be relevant, much like your laptop. The sleek design means it’ll fit into any bag your Macbook Pro does, without taking up an excessive amount of room. Or for on the go, just grab it and go.

Sandmarc Leather Edition MacBook Pro Sleeve
  • Top quality full grain leather to give longevity
  • Minimal design aesthetic to fit your Apple products
  • Over time a beautiful patina will develop showing character, not age
  • You can still access your charging port while storing your MacBook Pro
  • Easy on the go commuting with a non-bulky design

The leather will protect your Macbook Pro from the elements. All while being both functional and stylish. The best part is you can pair it with the same leather accessories from Sandmarc. From your iPhone to your AirPods, Sandmarc has you, and your devices, covered to give a cohesive look.

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Written by Mark Greene

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