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Here‘s How to Pair The Best Shoes with Jeans for Men

best shoes with jeans

Shoes can add an extra element of elegance to your outfit. If you do it right your footwear can complete your outfit and make you look even more sophisticated. So how do you pair the best shoes with jeans? Here are a few examples and how to wear them with your denim.

How to Properly Pair the Best Shoes with Jeans

Dress Shoes

Dress shoes are the number one choice for people looking for a shoe to go with their formal wear. They can also work with casual outfits. It can be tricky to pair the right shoes with jeans.

Because this shoe is normally associated with formal wear, you need to avoid casual jeans. This means you need to wear plain colored jeans that fit properly. Your pants must fit around the waist and not be too long or too short. For this reason, baggy jeans will not work.

Men’s Brown Oxford Shoe

Men’s Brown Oxford Shoe

This brown oxford shoe works best with a smart casual outfit especially if it includes blue jeans.

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Men’s Oxford Shoe from Dockers

Men’s Oxford Shoe from Dockers

This fancy oxford dress shoe is more versatile when it comes to casual outfits.

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3 Button dress shoe

3 Button dress shoe

Add a touch of sophistication with this unique 3 button oxford shoe.

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With dress shoes, it is important to emphasize that you must pick the right length. Also, choose a darker pair of jeans and not light colored jeans, they work best with both brown and black dress shoes.

To be safe, go for smart casual outfits with this type of shoe for example, you could try jeans, a shirt and any of the above mentioned oxford shoes.In order to ensure that the shoe works with your outfit, choose dress shoes that are more casual than formal.

This means that the dress shoe should be more conservative in terms of design. For example, a loafer or a derby shoe without perforations or panel designs.


All types of sneakers are casual. It is best to keep the rest of the outfit casual. There are certain types of sneakers that are most ideal when you want to pair them with your denim.

Avoid high sneakers meant for the basketball court. People wear this but the result is often less than ideal. Recent trends have turned them into a fashion faux pas. Even though sneakers are casual, don’t pick those that are too casual.

Avoid getting into the latest-trend bandwagon and choose a subtle classic design.

Black and White Converse Shoe

Black and White Converse Shoe

A simple black and white converse shoe will work great with a casual outfit especially if it includes black jeans.

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White Sneakers

White Sneaker

Pick this shoe for casual outfits will work with any blue, black or white denim.

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Red Chuck Taylor Sneakers

Red Chuck Taylor Sneakers

This converse shoe can add a touch of color to your otherwise bland outfit.

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Classics that have little or no fancy designs. They have a simple style. These types of shoes will go well with many types and colors of denim. Converse shoes and low top canvas sneakers are your safest bet. They are ideal for outings, weekend afternoons, parties, and casual dates.

There are a few rules:

  • Avoid visible socks. Get the right socks for your sneakers. It can alter the silhouette of the outfit.

  • Remember your outfit should be casual, these shoes are often not ideal for formal occasions or outfits.

  • Avoid sneakers with bright and multiple color combinations.

  • Avoid bright colored socks. Black sneaker socks are the best anytime you want to wear sneakers


Loafers are amongst the best shoes to wear with jeans if you want a smart casual look. Just like the other types of shoes mentioned above, there are a few things you need to do to ensure you get it right.

When choosing loafers go for simple classic designs. The color should ideally be brown, tan or black. Consider darker hues such as dark blue loafers to add a touch of sophistication to your outfit. Dark loafers are more versatile than say light brown ones. So if you intend to buy one pair choose a dark pair.

Brown Loafers

Brown loafers

For a more casual look go for canvas loafers. These leather loafers are more formal than casual, so they'll work best with a smart casual outfit. Avoid visible socks especially if you are going for a more formal look.

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Slip On Loafer

crocs Men's Santa Cruz Collection Clean-Cut Slip-On Loafer

Not only are these things comfortable it will also best compliment blue jeans.

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There are several types of boots that work best with a pair of jeans:

Chelsea Boots

Dr. Martens 2976 Chelsea Boot,Black Smooth

They are defined by the unique design which includes the stretchy material around the ankle. They have no laces but are designed to fit comfortably around your foot. They can be very classy when worn with denim.

This type of boots should not be worn with jeans that do not go all the way down to your ankles. Your pants should always cover the top of the boot. This means they should not be worn with cropped jeans that show the top part of the shoe.

They can be worn with a smart casual outfit for the most sophisticated silhouette. If you like darker outfits black Chelsea boots will work great with these shoes.

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Desert Boots

Kenneth Cole REACTION Men's Desert Wind Chukka Boot

Desert boots are known for their simplicity and versatility. They have a simple design that is plain and often has only two or three eyelets for laces. The desert boot can be worn with almost any casual outfit. There are however several types of desert boots worn on different occasions.

The original design was made of veal leather that gave it the rugged look. This original design works perfectly with jeans. The outfit can either be very casual or just smart casual. You can wear the jeans however you like. It is very versatile.

There is a variation of this boot that is made of conventional leather with a very smooth design. You can opt for this type of boot, if you want to wear a formal outfit to the office. You should avoid very casual outfits such as jeans and a t-shirt. Consider wearing the black suede desert shoe with black jeans and a blazer.

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Brogue Shoes

Brogues are shoes that have their origin in Ireland and Scotland. They first appeared in the 19th century as a shoe meant for working outdoors. They were considered to be more comfortable and were worn in the mostly muddy countryside of the 19th century Scotland.

The one thing that sets brogues apart from other types of shoes is their unique design characterized by perforations. Nowadays oxford shoes come with some variations of these perforations and are therefore confused with this type of footwear.

Initially this type of footwear was meant for the outdoors. They evolved into fashion items that could be worn on informal occasions.

Today, plain colored brogues are considered to be the best when it comes to formal wear or smart casual. If you want a shoe that will work with a blazer and jeans, go for brogues without any fancy designs.

Brown Brogues

Nunn Bush Men's Nelson Wingtip Oxford

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Oxford Style Colored Brogues

Clarks Mens Darby Limit Oxford

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If you want to wear this shoe with a casual outfit, go for the ones with a very typical brogue design.

This means you will probably choose a shoe with colored lace panes and lots of perforations.

You can wear this type of shoe with a smart casual or a typical jeans and t-shirt outfit

Monk straps

The monk straps were initially worn by monks to give extra protection.

As they evolved into what they are today, many fashion enthusiasts could not place them in either the formal or casual category.

The shoes were never considered to be formal enough for black-tie events.

Classic Two Tone Black and White Monkstraps

Steven Land Footwear Collection Mens Classic Two Tone Black and White

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Navy Camel Leather Monkstraps

Paul Parkman Men's Bordeaux & Navy Double Monkstrap Shoes

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There are leather and suede monk strap shoes. Leather monk straps are more versatile in that they can be worn with both casual and formal outfits. They are also much more durable and they are made of high quality leather. The quality leather gets aesthetically better with time.

Suede shoes work perfectly with almost any kind of casual wear. If you go for a suede shoe, make sure the material is durable.

You can pull off a very distinct smart casual look with this type of footwear. You can wear with a brown or black jacket with a plain v-neck top and jeans. Ensure you wear tapered jeans. You can skip the socks as long as your pair of jeans is properly fitting around the ankle.

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