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Time To Upgrade Your Wallet: The 10 Best Slim Wallets For Men

A man’s wallet is more than just a way to carry your cash and cards; it is a piece of his identity. In the past and even today men have lugged around large, heavy leather wallets which have more card slots than a Kardashian has selfies.

These dinosaurs of men’s fashion are archaic and work against the minimalist movement one should embrace today. A slim wallet is not only in-fashion but it’s generally better for your way of life than the old bulky bulges.

Slim-line wallets force you to carry what you need and not live for the potential of using that library card you took out four years ago because it got you a free sub. These modern wallets are effectively card and note holders; they provide enough space for a card and some cash.

"...These dinosaurs of men’s fashion are archaic. A slim wallet is not only in-fashion but it’s generally better for your way of life than the old bulky bulges..."

The benefits of having this type of card carrier is firstly that it is lightweight, whereas the increasing number of cards and receipts you never file in the old wallets cause such a weight that it can ruin the line of your suit, and generally look a bit odd.

Secondly, with most men putting their wallets in their back pocket, sitting down actually becomes a matter of health; the bulbous wallets cause the spine to twist and rotate out of its most comfortable and safe position, causing back pain. Finally, taking out a smaller more discreet wallet implies a look of modest confidence.

slim wallets for men

What to consider when choosing a wallet

The question now turns to how one picks a slim wallet; what do you look for? What shouldn’t you choose? What size does one go for?

  • Accepting the minimalist movement means you have to be more selective in your wallet choice; the number of slots and the thickness of the wallet is important. If there is room for more than five cards then you will be encouraged to fill the space with as many as you can, it's human nature don’t worry, and at that point you might as well have one of the bigger wallets.
  • The next thing you want to consider is the length of the wallet; too small and it won’t hold much, too long and it won’t fit in your pocket properly. Opt for a carrier which is a bit larger than the cards you want to carry.
  • Finally you want to think about either the thickness or how much the carrier has to fit more than one card in and the cash and coins which will also be accompanying the cards. The average bloke has around 3-5 essential (debit, credit, license etc) cards on him, meaning you need the wallet to be able to fit all your particulars. This is perhaps the most important thing to consider, because if the wallet doesn’t hold enough and you think you’ll “make it do” you’ll end up using it three times and then give up and go back to the bulky one.

Now let’s look at the best contenders for your new wallet.

The Best Collection of Slim Wallets for Men

Paul Smith Leather Billfold Wallet ($195)

                              Best Mens Wallets - Paul Smith Grained Leather Cardholder Wallet

What could be better than starting with a Paul Smith wallet. This titan of men’s fashion, who had his humble beginnings in Nottingham, England, creates some of the most beautiful and quite honestly dashing menswear.

Famous for his suits, Paul Smith develops English classics (think Bond) and then mixes them with some crazy and kooky colours (picture the flair of the 70s) to imbue the heritage with something eyegasmic chic.

This little card wallet may not have the bright colours and 70s wonder above, but it certainly represents the high level of craftsmanship Paul Smith has become synonymous with.

The cardholder was crafted in Italy, out of calf leather, and has three slots for your various cards. If you live life for the finer things then a PS product is certainly for you.

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Hard Graft Ocean Snap Wallet ($181)

Hard Graft Ocean Snap Wallet

In keeping with the blue hues and British beauty, this London brand takes centre stage.

Made out of Italian wool felt and Tuscan vegetable tan leather, this wallet oozes the new suave modern English gentlemen (like Tom Hiddleston, Tom Hardy etc.) are becoming renowned for. Something which Hard Graft does ever so well is contrast the beauty of the materials they use with the rough-cut detailing they place upon the edging.

The wallet has a separate area for your cash and a double metal snap function to keep your money extra secure. If there is one thing you can say about a wallet of this kind of quality, it’s that it is more than just a card-carrying accessory, once you purchase it; it becomes part of your look, your persona, your very own embodiment of your personal class.

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Secrid Cardslide, Card Protector with Transparent Slide ($47.95)

        Secrid Cardslide, Card Protector with Transparent Slide

We’ve seen two rather expensive, but awesome wallets, now let’s look at a more affordable option, one which is pretty darn practical if not a little blocky.

This nifty little device is effectively a box with an elastic band around it; it holds your cards and cash in a little box which has its lid held firmly on by the elasticated band which goes around the whole thing.

It doesn’t seem like much, but that little piece of black plastic you see at the bottom left on the right hand picture is actually a little clicker which takes your card and moves it such that it is just poking out of the holder. How cool is that?

Apart from this coolness, they also give you a two year warranty to show you how much they believe in the strength of the product. Give it a go, it could be worth it, don’t break your cards.

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Agog Mens Ultra Slim Bifold Leather Wallet Pull Tab with Money Clip ($40)

                  Best Mens Wallet- Agog Mens Ultra Slim Bifold Leather Wallet Pull Tab with Money Clip

At half the bulkiness of a normal wallet this money clip, cardholder combo is ideal for the man always on the go. If speed and efficiency are your best friends then this clip will serve you well. The little tab you see on the wallet is used to pull your primary cards out allowing for easier access.

Picture this; you’re late for the most important meeting of the year, you’re ducking into your local Starbucks to grab your signature morning beverage (a mocha with honey and extra shot of espresso), you’ve got one hand holding the phone as your read the briefing and you need to pay, using this tab you can get your card out using one hand, paying and then getting promoted for how kick –ass you were in the meeting.

Basically this wallet is your new best friend. All that for $40, that is certainly worth a look.

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Paul Smith No. 9 Embossed Polished-Leather Cardholder ($220)

                              Paul Smith No. 9 Embossed Polished-Leather Cardholder

If you didn’t get enough of Paul Smith from the first option, here is another for you to drool over. This blue leather beauty is a tad more ostentatious, as reflected in the price. The brightness and general pizazz of the wallet means it is ideal for the man who likes Ferraris and Italian suits (even if you don’t have yet).

The design of the wallet is inspired by the front of Paul Smith’s Mayfair shop, an elegant and beautiful building, perfectly in line with the feel of Paul Smith designs.

Whether you want this for yourself or as a gift for a well-to-do friend it is important to remember that if you’re willing to pay the price, or if money isn’t really a concern, then a Paul Smith wallet will serve you right for years and years.

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Radix One Slim Wallet ($12.99)

       Radix One Slim Wallet

Men of the world, are you a card fiend? What I mean by that is; do you carry a lot of cards? If you are one of these burdened gentleman who for one reason or another genuinely have to carry a lot of cards (debit, credit, driving license, work ID, train card etc) then this is your wallet.

With the capacity for up to 10 cards, this extremely durable little wallet will suit you just right. The elasticated band attached will also hold some cash when you need to grab that cinnamon-raisin bagel.

The wallet itself is made of mostly polycarbonate parts, meaning that you can drop it, step on it, and generally put it through quite a bit of trauma and it will last.

The extra strength and durability of the wallet entails it’s use for the bloke with the robust job, one in which you’re often having to replace things because they keep breaking. It’s worth getting just for the price.

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Smythson- Burlington Textured-Leather Cardholder ($195)

      Smythson- Burlington Textured-Leather Cardholder

We return to the isle of high-fashion and luxury, but this time we’re not visiting our old friend Paul, instead we’re taking a trip to Smythson of Bond Street, another English wonder, who design and produce only the finest men’s accessories.

This nile-blue item is crafted out of wondrous deer leather which ages so well you’ll go full Astley and never want to give it up.

Made in Italy and even arrives in a presentation box, this is the wallet for true suave minimalist. The wallet unfortunately has only two card slots meaning you either have to be uber selective or cram two in each slot.

This is probably the only downfall in an otherwise stunning slim line wallet. If living without the extra cards sounds like a nightmare maybe give this one a miss and keep scrolling to find your new pocket partner.

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Herschel Supply Co. Charlie Card Holder ($20)

                     Herschel Supply Co. Charlie Card Holder

Affordable yet stylish, Herschel designs are for the preppy gent who likes to keep his money in his wallet rather than forking out hundreds of dollars on one.

This wallet provides a snug fit, and despite not actually closing, you don’t have to worry about money falling out, which is always a benefit for the frugal among us.

The polyester pink lining is obviously not for everyone, however, those of you who wear Ralph Lauren polos and like a bit of lacross should find this wallet quite appealing.

For $20 we should all find it quite appealing, $20!, that’s like four cups of coffee.

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Tom Ford Full-Grain Leather Cardholder ($390)

         Tom Ford Full-Grain Leather Cardholder

Once again we return to luxury, this time exploring Tom Ford, a brand and man of impeccable taste who spans not only men’s and women’s fashion but also industries.

Tom Ford, the man himself, is an Oscar nominated director who broke away from being the creative director at Yves Saint Laurent and Gucci to establish a brand that has gone onto produce extraordinary menswear.

This Italian made calf leather wallet, has the golden stamp of Tom Ford emblazoned on the grey leather. Three card slots and a zipped coin purse mean that you won’t have to worry about number of cards or losing your change.

If you can get over the price then this one is certainly for you. I personally think it’s worth the investment. Go for it, just don’t tell the wife you spent more on your wallet than the rent.

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Gram 28 Black Leather Day Wallet ($60)

           Gram 28 Black Leather Day Wallet

Reminiscent of the more old school folder wallets, this piece from Gram 28 allows a bit more choice and flexibility with what and how much you put in.

100% leather and easily accessible it’s a pretty decent wallet for the price. The only downfall is that there is a risk of your cash falling out if upside down.

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Men’s wallets have existed since long as men had money; the Romans had their own versions, even before them, people used little coin purses to carry around their Denarii.

In those two thousand or so years we have arrived at luxury minimalism; the combination of functionality with sleek design.

Opting for a small wallet will not only keep your pockets from looking like a Third grader smuggling candy out of a shop, but it will aid in the suave gentleman look. Now you just need to decide which one is for you.

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