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Always Wanted to be a Pilot? Tell Time Like One with the Szanto Heritage Aviator

There’s something special about being a pilot. It’s the freedom to escape into the skies at a moment’s notice. While most of us have flown before, very few of us can say we’ve flown an aircraft. It’s no wonder that many of us dreamed of taking to the skies as kids. The Szanto Heritage Aviator aims to bring a bit of aviation flair to your everyday watch.

Szanto Heritage Aviator Watch

The Heritage Aviator is a handsome timepiece that fits perfectly into the Szanto range of watches. Szanto has built a name for itself as a company that does quality vintage-inspired watches at an entry-level price point. It’s easy to see the appeal as these classic designs have stood the test of time. The onion-shaped crown is a particularly fun feature of this watch, which unfortunately you won’t have to use much as it’s an automatic Quartz movement.

  • Water landings won’t be a problem – these watches are water resistant to 100m
  • Quality straps made from genuine leather that will last years
  • SuperLuminova paint ensures you can easily use the watch at night
  • High-quality Japanese Quartz movement keeps things ticking under the hood
  • 316L Stainless Steel in the casing ensures these watches are built to last
  • Eye-catching onion-shaped crown sure to be noticed for the right reasons
  • 41mm width is perfect for small to average sized wrists
  • 6 different colourways are available, lending well to matching your wardrobe
Szanto Heritage Aviator

The Heritage Aviator comes in a versatile 41mm width. This size looks great on small to average-sized wrists, meaning the majority of us can pull it off. With six different colourways, it’s easy to find the perfect match for your wardrobe. The 2755 Military Green backing is a colour that has been gaining popularity recently. It makes a great complement to warm-toned outfits.

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Written by Mark Greene

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