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F14 Inspired Watches By Pitot For The Aviator Inside You!

F14 Inspired Watches by Pitot

We’ve all dreamt of becoming fighter pilots one day when we were kids. The sheer excitement, speed and the freedom to fly is the reason why most of us always looked up to the skies whenever a jet passed by us.

When humans leapt forward into the future and were able to fly, new and innovative watches were born. Crafted to take as many cues from jets and planes, these watches reminded us all of the intricacies and the design-features these flying machines possessed and how these were combined to craft visually appealing designs. Having said this, these watches are not all design, along with looks they also serve functionality and are also attributed to aid pilots; be them professionals, military or leisure seekers. Today, pilot and aviation watches are the some of the most popular in the market, also known as “Fliegers.”


The success of the iconic 1986 movie, Top Gun, has been able to confirm the idea that pilot watches don’t seem to go out of fashion anytime soon. With die-hard fans of Top Gun and Tom Cruise’s iconic role as Maverick, these aviation-inspired watches have since represented the passion and love of flying and fighter jets.

Pitot Watches, designs F14 Tomcat Fighter Jet inspired watches, the Danish brand is the brain-child of a former aircraft mechanic in the RDAF (Royal Danish Airforce); who better to appreciate fine aesthetics of aircrafts as much as him!


With inspirations from the F14 Tomcat Fighter Jet, VF84 Jolly Rogers Squadron and also from their famous flight helmets. Pitot has launched five watches: The Jolly Rogers, inspired by F14 Tomcat, comes encased in black with white velvet inside, the Blue PVD, with its crown inspired from Mavericks helmet, Iceblue, inspiration for which comes from the Iceman’s helmet and a Maverick inspired version, encased in brushed stainless steel. And finally the latest F14 Tomcat for all F14 Fans and covers all squadrons.

The watch has an automatic Miyota 821A, with F14  design cues found on rotor, crown, dial and side case, like the engine fan for the crown, the big air intakes to the sides, F14 engraved at the 9H mark, The 22 mm nylon strap gives it a sporty look, with colored text matching that of F14 signature air-intakes on the side of the watch.

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