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Earbuds Ready For Space Travel: Meet the GravaStar Sirius P5, Earthling

Greetings Space Traveller, and welcome to your new earbuds. Designed for all those who choose to traverse the darkest depths of space. These sci-fi-designed earbuds come with three unique and interchangeable cases to help assist you with blending into whichever alien civilization your interstellar journey takes you to next.

GravaStar Sirius P5

GravaStar utilized the latest technologies of 12mm dynamic drivers to deliver a powerful deep bass that rivals that of a supernova. While the Qualcomm aptX high definition creates crystal clear audio via Bluetooth, at an industry-leading quality that’s top of its field. This also prevents any interference be it from, other devices, gamma waves, or proton blasts!

The power core of the Sirius P5 earbuds delivers up to 8 hours of continuous listening time with only one charge, while the charging case can hold up to four charges totalling a grand 40 hours of potential audio playing.

  • Unique Sci-fi styling sure to stand out
  • High-quality audio thanks to the 12mm dynamic drivers & latest Qualcomm 3046 chip
  • Bluetooth 5.2 enabled – ensuring a fast and stable connection on your journeys
  • Lightweight design is perfect for extended wear – just 5 grams each
  • IPX4 waterproof so you can continue enjoying your beats while training
GravaStar Sirius P5 Futuristic Earbuds

Able to blank out nearly all external sounds, the Sirius P5 Earbuds are necessary for any serious space adventurer. Picture this, you are beginning your journey abroad into hyperspace upon your battle cruiser journey through hyperspace. Though faster than light, the journey will still take up to eight hours. Alas, seated next to you is a Martian, a lovely species, but they are known for their high pitch wailing. Fortunately, you are prepared and pop in your Sirius P5 Earbuds and enjoy the eight hours of battery life as you drain out any noise.

Alternatively, you’re on a plane flying home for Christmas, and instead of a Martian wailing, it’s a kid who finds flights scary. You’ll sure be glad you have your Sirius P5 Earbuds with you.

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