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No Strings Attached With the iLive Truly Wire-Free Earbuds

If you’re after a pair of high quality earbuds without the hefty price tag, the iLive Truly Wire-Free Earbuds are for you.

iLive Truly Wire-Free Earbuds

There are no annoying cords to untangle. You won’t get caught up when working out at the gym or rushing around at work. The iLive Truly Wire-Free Earbuds provide convenience, comfort and impressive sound quality. The sleek black design also looks good and will suit any setting.

This is your opportunity to upgrade from your bland pair of earphones. Once you go cordless, you will not go back – ever.

Key Features of iLive Truly Wire-Free Earbuds: 

  • With no cords and wires you can safely listen to music or podcasts at any time. You can workout or take care of odd jobs at home – your earbuds will never get in the way.
  • It’s easy to control your playlist with voice prompt commands and bluetooth pairing. The iLive Truly Wire-Free Earbuds deliver a hands-free experience.
  • You’ll forget you even have earbuds in due to the comfort level. They won’t fall out and don’t need constant readjustment.

A premium audio listening experience doesn’t have to come at a premium price. iLive Truly Wire-Free Earbuds deliver high quality sound and comfort at a competitive cost.

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Written by Mark Greene

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