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IQBuds Boost – Tailor Your Hearing to Your Needs!


IQBuds Boost is not a classic hearing aid – it will assess your hearing capabilities, and tailor its performance to your needs. Find out more in our review!

You still don’t qualify for a hearing aid, but you are aware that your hearing could be better. Whether you have problems hearing teacher at school, or your partner from the other room, IQBuds Boost is there for you.

Nuheara designed this product to offer personalized hearing to everyone who could use a bit of help in this area. Everything starts with a specialized hearing assessment, which is a professional-grade tool. It will estimate your hearing capabilities and program the IQBuds Boost to your particular needs. That makes the product perfect for those who are having hearing problems with only one ear or only need a slight volume boost.

Apart from hearing those who want to talk to you, you can also listen to your favorite songs and podcasts, and even talk hands-free. IQBuds will even allow you to ask the Google Assistant or Siri whatever you want to know.

The buds have a modern design a customizable fit for optimal comfort. The audio quality is exceptional, and the battery is extremely durable. It fits perfectly with all Android smartphone and iPhone models, and it will make you fit flawlessly into the world. Make sure to check it out and discover why this is one of the Nuheara’s flagship products!

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Written by Mark Greene

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