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Best Portable Tech For Summer 2024

Over the last few years, the best gadgets are getting smaller and smaller as engineers figure out how to squeeze more features into the most portable of devices.

Now the very best technology can fit in your pocket and travel wherever you go.

Below are four gadgets that will definitely be accompanying us everywhere we go this summer!

Skagen Falster 2

Skagen is a traditional Danish brand whose heritage is in producing great looking traditional timepieces.

Their second smartwatch, the Falster 2 is not only a visual stunner, but it is also is my favourite watch available for Android devices.

The Flaster 2 features Google’s WearOS which includes Google Assistant, support from Android apps, notifications, fitness tracking and more!

Killer Feature - Battery Life

The biggest barrier to me switching fully from traditional timepieces to smartwatches was battery life. I have owned an Apple Watch and found it frustrating to run out of charge by every evening - it is simply not convenient to have to charge your watch in the middle of the day.

The elegant and simple face design of the Falster 2 is designed to maximise battery life. Its charge truly does last 24 hours even after a day’s prolonged use.

As long as you remember to charge it each night whilst you sleep you’ll have enough juice the next day.

The Crafty

Storz & Bickel portfolio of high-performance vaporizers has earned them their status as vaporizer gods.

Despite being nearly 4 years old, their flagship, The Mighty continues to top the best dry herb vaporizer lists in 2020. However, it is there latest iteration of The Crafty that is turning our head this year.

With The Crafty, S&B has managed to take all the technology from The Mighty and squeeze into a device less than half the size, at a fraction of the cost with no sacrifice at all on performance.

Killer Feature - Hybrid Heating Technology

Traditionally, vaporizers heat either by conduction or convection technology.

Conduction vaporizers heat by touch - they can bring an oven’s contents to vaping temperature in seconds, however, they do not heat evenly.

On the other hand, convection vaporizers create an atmosphere of hot air which provides the heat to vape your herbs.

The advantage of convection is that it will heat everything in the oven evenly but the downside is they take a few minutes to preheat.

The Crafty raises the bar by implementing Hybrid Heating Technolgy - this takes the best advantages of both convection and conduction with none of the downsides.

This means The Crafty will heat an entire oven evenly in under a minute - a first for vaporizers!

Huawei P30 Pro

For the last few years, Huawei's P series of mobile phones has been threatening Samsung’s position as the best Android smartphone. It appears that 2019 is the year the Chinese manufacturers take the crown.

First things first, the P30 Pro looks absolutely great. The device is made out of a mixture of metal and glass that is every bit as sleek as the Galaxy s10 and its 6.57inch OLED display bursts and pops with colour.

Finally, the battery life is great thanks to Huawei's propriety EMUI that efficiently manages the phone's memory; you should be able to get a full day’s heavy use out of one charge easily

Killer Feature - 40mp Camera

The real show stopper is the 40mp camera.

The device takes sharp photos whether you're in daylight or low-light.

However, most exhilarating is its optical zoom. You get zoom 10x with no discernable loss in quality!

There is no parallel in the smartphone industry.

B&O Play Beoplay H4

Like most B&O products, the Beoplay Play H4s looks great, are simple to use and most importantly sounds amazing.

The bass frequencies are deep with a real thump but manage to retain crisp detail in the highs. Combine this with the in-built advanced noise cancelling system and all external noise is reduced to almost silent. I tested this in both a busy office and on a rumbling train journey!

Finally, they feel great on your head too. The ear-cups are lined with soft lambskin whilst the headband is leather - no scratches here!

Kill feature - Pinhole microphone

The pinhole microphone on the H4s is great. I used these headphones extensively for phone calls and my every word was understood clearly.

I also recorded some voice memos on my Huawei p30 and the microphone was able to pick my voice out whilst ignoring other sounds - Amazing considering that the mic is so far away from your mouth.

Olympus Mark III

The Olympus Mark III is everything an entry-level DSLR should be. Despite its budget price it produces great photos, is easy to use and is fairly compact too; it’s the perfect companion for travels.

Inside the device is a 16MP Micro Four Thirds sensor which is powered by TruePic VII; Olympus’ latest image processing engine. As a result, the Mark III produces some of the best low-light shooting for cameras in its price range.

Furthermore, the Mark III shoots true HD video at a silky smooth 60fps.

Killer feature - Digital shooting assistants

DSLRs can be daunting for novices. Olympus have clearly spent a lot of time thinking about how to make this camera easy to use for those new to photography.

The default Auto Assistant mode manages to deliver professional-looking sharp images in all but the most challenging scenarios but it is the Advanced Photo mode that makes this camera special.

AP mode allows users to fine-tune images using a range of filters, editing exposure on the fly - it’s a true game changer.

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Written by Mark Greene

Mark Greene is writer and life coach dedicated to helping men to perform at peak level. He shares dating advice, style tips and strategies for building wealth and success.